News Snatch: Driveclub Beta Footage, A City Sleeps, And Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Right then, last Snatch from me for a while as I am off to ponce about Hawaii for two weeks. As usual I am in a last minute panic so we’re just doing the facts for this Snatch, starting with news that Super Meat Boy Forever has been announced for phones, tablets and PC.

“Super Meat Boy Forever IS NOT an endless runner. It uses auto run but it’s not at all endless,” explained Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen.


“SMB: Forever is a full game like [Super] Meat Boy. It has many chapters, bosses, warp zones, and tons more.We are trying to make a FULL game like the original, but designed for touch screens & mobile. A full experience not just an endless runner,” he added.

A City Sleeps is a “stylish music driven shoot ’em up” from the chaps at Harmonix, and is coming to Steam.

There is a Zelda sale on at the Nintendo E-Shop over the coming weeks, anything take your fancy?

Someone clever chaps have modded Grand Theft Auto IV and turned it into Watch Dogs.
Check out these Driveclub beta videos before they are taken offline.

EA expect to make ridiculous $1 billion from DLC this year with over $50 million coming from sales of the Ultimate Team DLC for Madden NFL 15.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to Xbox One and this is our first look at the tinkered Halo 3.
Six minutes of spine ripping fun from Mortal Kombat X.

Killzone Shadow Fall has been patched with the long awaited clan system and the Shield Assist score.  Intercept has also been updated with two new difficulty levels, great news as the original game was easy.


  • Implemented Clans System, Phase 2
  • Added Ranking System
  • Enabled Challenge Progression in Online Botzone Matches
  • Implemented Shield Assist Score Reward


  • Added Challenge Progression Indicator to HUD
  • Added Challenge Progression Overview to Round Roll-Over Screen
  • Added Party Member Highlighting
  • Added Disconnected Icon for Offline Players


  • Added Additional Game Modes: ‘Extra Hard’ & ‘Overkill’


  • Added Public API
  • Minor Fixes & Tweaks

More bobbins for the pre-TGS announcement, this is God Eater 2 and it’s coming to PS4 and PS Vita.

Blimey, Alone in the Dark is back in the shape of Alone in the Dark: Illumination and we now have a trailer.The game “takes the survival horror genre to the next level with new features, including the power of illumination and a co-operative multiplayer mode”.

I think they may want to rename the game as you are not alone and it’s not dark.

And Finally, some advice from PlayStation UK that was quickly deleted when they spotted the typo. That’s it from me for a few weeks, tata!



  1. Driveclub’s looking absolutely astonishing. Can’t wait!

  2. Those DriveClub visuals look excellent! The lighting transitions and the in the 5th video are just wow.

  3. errrm is it me or does Halo 3 still look plop?

  4. I am now slightly concerned that my PS4 may not go the distance as I have never once taken a dump on it.

  5. Nothing like watching an gameplay video for a driving game and then proceeding to witness some of the most terrible driving ever. Was there even a corner where he/she didn’t utterly twunt the car in front to use them as some sort of mobile wall with which to offset the ludicrous approach speed? Wow. Speshul skills!

    • Something tells me I’d be booted out of your Drive Club on day 1. ;)

      • never fear Dave you can join my club!
        I often use the car in front as an air bag testing facility.or as buni
        said mobile walls,lol.

      • I think its safe to say our club could quite possibly be the most feared in the galaxy and insurance companies wouldn’t touch any car in the vicinity of Earth whilst the club continues to wreak havoc… Particularly towards Bunimo! lol

      • Every time Mike boots up DriveClub he’d hear the distant howl of our engines forever getting closer ’til one day he tears up his licence and walks out on his Club never to step into a car again.

      • Just before I load Driveclub, I’d half expect you to simply walk in the room and smash my PS4 aside with yours.

  6. Driveclub is looking mighty tasty and along with Project Cars it looks like we’ll have two great racers on PS4.
    I’ve been part of both The Crew betas and it’s not for me unfortunately. I was hoping it would build on the excellent driving model of Driver San Fransisco but instead it feels very lacklustre in the handling department.
    I was just thinking it’s such a shame there won’t be a Burnout Paradise sequel as that was so much fun on PS3.

  7. Drive Club is looking like it’s going to be THE racer on ps4. I can’t wait. All we need now is Burnout Paradise 2 and we’ll be all set.

  8. The trees in driveclub look nice

  9. Excited for Driveclub! Looks beautiful. Let’s hope Logitech buck their ideas up and pay the license fee to get the G27 working on PS4. Either way, looking forward to getting the official TSA Racing Driveclub Club set up come launch day! :D

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