Slender: The Arrival Finally Makes An Entrance On Console On September 24th.

If you’ve been waiting around for the Slender Man to appear on your console, then you’ll have been impatiently tapping your foot and checking your watch for a good few months now, but thankfully the wait is almost at an end. Slender: The Arrival will finally, uh, arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 24th.


It was originally planned for a console release much earlier this year, having come to PC back in 2013 after the breakout success that it enjoyed as a free title that scared people in dark rooms silly in 2012. The Arrival might have added a story to the game, but you were still only ever armed with a torch to try and illuminate your path, always being hunted down by the Slender Man over the course of several chapters.

Taking a look at the PC version many moons ago, Dan wrote about how, even with a few flaws, Slender: The Arrival was still worth your time as a horror game. So, who among you going to set yourself up for a fright? It’s getting pretty close to Halloween, after all…

Source: EU PS Blog, Slender


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  1. Bit late but might have a go if it’s cheap enough.

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