Slender: The Arrival To Haunt PlayStation 4 And Xbox One This March

March is going to be punishing on your wallets, there are a lot of games being released digitally and the latest to threaten your hard earned cash is Slender: The Arrival which will launch on March 25th.

For those in the dark (aha!), the game is an adaptation of he Slender Man internet myth, a thin, unnaturally tall man dressed in a black suit with a blank, featureless face. The game is already out on the older consoles but this is a new version with new story elements and even more scares.

“In The Arrival’s all new storyline, Lauren is in search of her friend Kate, who recently has become increasingly obsessed with the folklore of Slender Man,” explain developers Blue Isle Studios. “Was Kate’s disappearance the work of Slender Man? Use Kate’s forgotten flashlight to explore abandoned houses, creepy mines and dark forests to unravel the mystery – all the while being stalked by the menacing presence of Slender Man.”

Source: Press release


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  1. Really cant to wait to plays this, it looks great

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