Fight At The Statue, The Canal & The ATAC Tower As More Free Killzone: Shadow Fall Maps Release

Push back the Helghast.

If you’re playing Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer then you may be very happy to know that three new maps have released, and they are all free for you to download from the PlayStation store. The three maps are The ATAC Tower, The Statue & The Canal, with the first being a competitive maps while the other two in the list will be a co-operative one where players have to work together to push back the Helghast who want to take that position.

The Statue map is based around Scolari Visari’s huge stonework with a partly reconstructed armoury filled with scaffolding and small corridors to do battle in. The ATAC tower is a Helghast base where the side’s drones emerge from for their patrols, and the aim of the squad that goes in is to take the tower to retrieve the codes that control those drones. Here the Helghast will fight you, just like in the Canal map where you have to secure an uplink with the rest of the players.

Source: PS Blog


  1. I think there should be more recognition for what Guerrilla are doing here.
    In this and age of overpriced crap DLC (e.g. street fighter alternate costumes, Dead Space 3 materials) the fact that Killzone is receiving so many new multiplayer maps for free is quite amazing.

    • You’re quite right to be fair.

      I must go back to this. With this years CoD and BF not interesting me in the slightest, I think I’ll use Shadow Fall as my 2014/2015 FPS.

    • Here here. Both in terms of volume and quality!

  2. I think my earlier message got lost or I posted in the wrong place.

    Can anyone tell me how I can get these maps? I cannot find them on the web store and I can’t find them on the PS4 store which is worse than useless at the best of times.

    • I guess they might be available with the Store update on Wednesday, or in an update/patch. Most have been via the Store though, so hopefully later today!

    • They’ve been available since last week, but are hidden – the multiplayer map is within the massive download with all the free multiplayer maps. Select this and it should start downloading, just cancel the other downloads for the maps you already have.

      • found them now thanks for clearing that one up.

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