Here Are The Details On Yesterday’s Destiny Patch

If you’ve played Destiny in the past 24 hours or so, you have may have noticed that a new patch on the front end went up yesterday. We weren’t entirely certain what the patch did but it seems Bungie posted the details of what they’re calling a “hot fix” on their blog prior to the patch going live.


  • Fixes for Xbox One bootflow issues
  • Changes in network configuration to improve stability
  • Fixes for issues causing game crashes
  • Public Events should occur twice as frequently in public spaces

Pretty minor stuff but that’s to be expected with a patch that lands so quickly after launch. They’re all pretty general fixes but I do like the change to spark more public events. In the 30+ hours I’ve put into the game, I’ve only taken part in five or six of them but have enjoyed every one.


What would you like to see Bungie address in the next patch? Are there any bugs you’d like to see squashed or gameplay tweaks you’d like them to make? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’d seriously like to see the amount of time it takes to launch to a new destination decreased. It’s ridiculous, it seems to get stuck sometimes. I’ll be in orbit, choose the tower, click launch and it’s been a couple of minutes until I’m there. That’s all kinds of wrong.
    Other than that I’m happy about them doubling the public events, I haven’t done any yet!

    • Yeah the load times on this are quite slow especially when you are not going into a story so there is no narrative to take you mind off the same cut scene. I wouldn’t mind if I could interact a little, maybe a barrel roll or two under my control in the ship would kill the boredom.

    • I actually have a book next to me whenever I play it. Whenever it is loading I read some of the book. Multitasking!

    • Loading times are pretty shocking.

  2. They could address the loot issue, even thought funny Twitter accounts like would be lost :(

    • What is the loot issue?

      • Presumably the ridiculously high drop rate for blue equipment? Isn’t that supposed to be rare? Getting it all the time.

        The purple legendary stuff isn’t doing much better either. A few too many of those dropping. I would have liked to have only seen a couple of those in 30+ hours. Instead, half my gear is purple.

        So “blue” means “reasonably common” and “purple” means “fairly uncommon”? Not “rare” and “legendary” as they claim?

        Yep, they need to get that fixed.

      • And you also have the issue where you decode a blue/purple engram and get a green item.
        The loot dropping also needs to be tweaked as I’m tired of getting gear several levels below my current one.

      • The blue engrams can give you blue or green gear (or other things). The purple ones have never given me green gear though. Always blue or purple (or those other things). Probably somewhere around a 10 to 20% chance of purple gear, somewhere around the same for miscellaneous items and that other 60 to 80% of the time gives blue gear.

        If you’re getting stuff that’s too low for your level, try harder difficulties. That doesn’t help in the crucible though. You seem to be more likely to get useful things there. Every 2 or 3 matches gives something, split fairly evenly between blue gear, blue engrams and “miscellaneous crap”. Got some nice things for a level 20 hunter. Which is a shame, what with me being a warlock and everything.

      • I seem to have been very unlucky with the weapon drops compared to most players. I had to grind my way through Venus with outdated gear whilst my mate I was in a fireteam with could one shot half of the enemies we encountered. He was the exact same level as me.

      • Yes, there’s a certain amount of luck involved. For example, I’ve got half legendary gear, but can I find a decent shotgun? No. I can’t. Ever. All green ones and more likely to cause my enemies to look at me and wonder what I think I’m doing than actually die.

    • Ive had no legendary item drops in 20 hours of playtime.

      • Of course, the problem with random things is that most people will get what they’re supposed to and some people will end up with lots of legendary stuff.

        And then someone gets unlucky and ends up with nothing.

        Someone’s going to come along and tell us that that lovely yellow exotic gear does actually drop from something, somewhere. I’m assuming it doesn’t and you can only buy it? And the guy down by the crucible gear vendors is going to come back and sell me some? Because he ran away! Where’d he go?

      • Exotic should, by rights, drop anywhere. The guy in the Tower only appears at the weekends, so save up those strange coins for his appearance.

        I think my problem is the exceptionally small loot table. When you look at ‘loot cycle’ games like Diablo, Borderlands etc. they have gargantuan loot tables and can therefore be generous with loot as you’re unlikely to see the same kit twice. Destiny seems to have a ridiculously small pool from which to dole out loot. If I see one more set of ‘Axiom’ (Warlock gear) greens drop I might well do unspeakable things to the Cryptarch.

        And, for the record, I have never seen a purple drop in 30+ hours. I’ve concluded that the only way I’m getting a Legendary is by grinding rep.

        Oh. And the ‘blue engram giving green gear’ thing needs to be fixed too.

      • Has anyone ever seen exotic gear from drops, and not the weekend strange coin tower guy?

        Legendary purple gear seems to drop at about the right frequency though. If I’ve found 2 in 30+ hours, and you’ve found none, that sounds about right to me. Especially if exotic is about as rare as rocking horse shit.

      • I was given an exotic sniper rifle at the end of a crucible match. And it wasn’t a reward for being awesome, I was the worst player on my team.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty handy in the Crucible and it was driving me crazy that I wasn’t getting any rewards for capturing the most stuff, getting the most kills etc.

        Then I realised it was just random. It’s all quite zen.

  3. Lots of little quality of life changes would be nice. Off the top of my head:

    Being able to see the your faction reputation without the need to run to each faction guy.

    Being able to use the ammo bringer uppers by using the ghost rather than having to go into the inventory screen. Very inconvenient when in a big battle. Maybe use the D-pad buttons.

    Some form of patrol zone wide notification of when/where a public event will land.

    A way of splitting stacks of items. I wanted to send 16 weapon parts from one character to another for an upgrade. But I had to send the whole stack, upgrade, then send the stack back.

    Increase the mark reward from strikes. 4 from a gold rank in a public event I can breeze through, but only 3 from a lvl 24 strike where I need to try hard to win…

    I can think of more, don’t have time to post them right now. Still, loving the game. Just can’t get enough of it!

    • A big yes to that reputation thing. Just got my crucible reputation up to level 2 (which unlocks some nice stuff to buy with those marks) and it was driving me mad. You get a brief indication of your progress after every game (or turning in a bounty), but that’s it? No way to find out exactly how close to levelling up you are? Except running around the tower to find various people. And a massive red bar across the bottom of the screen when you _do_ manage to level up.

      And now it’s going to annoy me again on the way to level 3 (and even better equipment).

      The marks you get seem reasonable, since there’s a limit of 100 a week. Wouldn’t want people reaching the limit in an hour, would we?

  4. I have no problem with the Mark limit. I just think the hard strikes should give more than the easy(ish) public events. I guess that one is really more of a personal issue, as it seems the real point of the public events is getting the materials to upgrade legendary/exotic items.

    But as for the faction rep. Even just a section on the companion app would go a long way to alleviating my RSI :P

    • sorry, should have been a reply to MrYd above >.<

      • At least you’ve confirmed it’s not just me being totally stupid and failing to find where they hid that information on the app.

  5. I keep hearing people say that the game only gets going once you reach level 20 but I’m not sure why I’m hearing this? Are there a bunch of exciting, hidden levels that I’m overlooking or is it just the upgraded weapons/armour? I don’t see how re-playing the same missions over and over again makes the game better just because you have better gear… especially when enemy strength is increased to match your newly upgraded weapons. It all seems a bit pointless.

    I’m currently at level 21. I’m one mission away from beating the story, I’ve completed all the strikes and patrol missions on each planet and I’ve played ten or so competitive strikes. I own several legendary weapons and I’m basically just replaying previous levels and strikes to upgrade my character, for what? Sure, it’s a fun way to kill time but is that really all there is? Is there no extra content until they release the inevitable dlc packs?

    • Try some of the missions on a harder difficulty. There’s a daily harder story mission (or you can change difficulty once you select it on the map).

      Or try the harder strikes.

      Yes, it’s the same stuff again. But the enemies do get harder. More agressive. Or it chucks various modifiers at you, like the “juggler” thing (you don’t get ammo drops for whatever weapon is equipped at the time, so you can’t just stick to whatever weapon is your favourite).

      I think it gets a lot more fun. You’re better at it. You’ve learned all the basics of the game and it starts to challenge you. It’s almost taunting you with a “Well done, you’ve finished the game, now go back and do it all properly”.

      And then there’s the Crucible. I’m not usually a fan of such things, but something just works there for me. It’s so easy to get into, and you quickly learn how to succeed. Something so satisfying about the “somerandomperson shutdown MrYd” message, because it means I was doing well, got a nice chain of kills, probably getting an extra post-mortem grenade kill in there as well. Or shot several people in the top of the head. (That aim and stop falling skill is fun. Angel of Light. The second Warlock sub-class, Sunsinger)

      Oh yes, and there’s 3 classes and 6 subclasses to master. I’ll stick to the Warlock for now (and the Sunsinger sub-class, now I’ve got the other mastered), but I’ll have a go at the others later.

      I’m guessing you’re looking at well over 100 hours of game there, if you want the platinum trophy. Which would be horrible, if it wasn’t just so much fun.

  6. Well i for one am glad of this update as i was getting booted from the Destiny servers,5 times in one night it happened,pissed me right off.Level 20 and not seen a Legendary item drop yet,not played Venus or mars yet so it’s probably just a matter of time before i see one.In the Beta on Earth you were stopped from certain areas by big level enemies so last night i thought i’d go look.Started at the back of the Shipyard and went through the tunnel and it takes you all the way to the Refinery,nothing special not even a dead ghost,which was a waste.Talking of dead ghosts..i’ve only found about 16,how many have you guys found and where are they?

    • Dead ghosts are in really strange places and almost impossible to spot. So I’ve not found many.

      There might be 1 in the tower somewhere. I’m sure there was one over on the left somewhere, towards where Bill Nighy lives. (Took me a while to realise who the voice was there)

  7. I hope they’ve fixed the “Baboon” error. I have been kicked out of three games just before completing Raids. Mega annoying.

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