Thomas Was Alone Coming To PS4 With Cross-Buy, Wii U And Xbox One Versions Outed

Thomas Was Alone has gone from being a PC-only title to being available on several varying platforms, from PS3 to Vita and then even to mobile and tablet devices earlier this year.

And now, the game is making its way to PS4, ported by Curve Studios. It’ll be available as a cross-buy title, which means that if you bought it on PS3 or PS Vita – or even got it free with PlayStation Plus – then you’ll be able to download the PS4 version at no extra cost.

It also looks like Thomas may be making its way to other current generation platforms, according to listings on a German ratings board (via Eurogamer). Mike Bithell, the original creator of the game, has stated that he is not talking about other platforms at the moment:

Source: PS Blog


  1. Dunno why I bought into next gen. Should’ve just got an Amstrad.

  2. Hmm, yet again, ‘Another chance to play…’

  3. Even for those who previously got it free on plus? That’s pretty good. I enjoyed what i played the first time, but chickened out when the jagged bits of the levels started moving about. I’ll definitely give it another go now.

  4. When will we get it?

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