Assassin’s Creed: Unity Season Pass Detailed, Includes New Game Set In China

Ubisoft has just announced details for Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s season pass, priced at $29.99. The pass will include access to 30 items, more locations and missions in Paris, though those are the small things compared to the major additions the pass will make available cheaper. The first is the Dead Kings DLC which will take Arno to the city of Saint Denis, a place where the French royal family was buried though was sacked during the French Revolution. This DLC is being called the darkest story ever included within the Assassin’s Creed series, and not just because quite a lot is set in the catacombs of the city. Dead Kings will also introduce a new faction called the Raiders.

Ubisoft also announced Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, a brand new game for the series. Unfortunately it isn’t an open world title set in Beijing, but a 2.5D downloadable title starring Shao Jun. She is the assassin trained by Ezio in the Embers animated movie, and this game sees her as the last member of the Order in China, where she aims to get revenge on those who took down her fellow assassins. Who knows, if this does well then maybe Ubisoft will create a full title set in China following Shao Jun.

Source: Ubisoft


  1. That looks suspiciously like a Vita game that got cancelled and upgraded.

  2. China?

    oh Ubisoft, when will you give us the feudal Japan set AC we all want?

    and did anybody else get Prince of Persia flashbacks from that gameplay clip?

    • I’d love to see a China edition. Not enough games set there!

  3. St Denis is a shithole full of ropey prostitutes, lol!

  4. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt. I know it pre-dates the existance of the templars but who cares. It’s not like the rest of the series makes any sense. Make it happen ubisoft. Saying it three times has to count for something :)

    • Would be good. As would feudal Japan. However after watching a documentary about Samurai where they revealed paedophilia (usually between master and apprentice) was considered a normal everyday activity, I’m not sure if Ubisoft will risk ‘going there’!

      • I imagine there were similar atrocities carried out throughout all periods of human history to be fair. Even today there are some seriously backward countries that think it’s perfectly normal to arrange marriages with children as young as eight. Sickening.

  5. I always find the announcement of DLC season passes before the game is out very shameful and disgusting.

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