Xbox One China Release Date Is Now September 29th, Just A Week Delay

This week Microsoft delayed the Chinese launch of the Xbox One just a few days before launch, giving the reason as needing some more time to make the experience better for the audience in China. It was a rather vague explanation, though the BBC were reporting that China was investigating Microsoft over anti-trust law issues. Whether that was the reason for the delay is something that Microsoft have not commented on, but even if that investigation is ongoing a new release date has been given.


According to China’s Xinhua News Agency Microsoft’s console will release on September 29th. This means Microsoft will have the first official console launch in China for the first time in over a decade, after the country lifted a ban on the machines.

Source: Twitter/BBC



  1. It’s going to be very exciting seeing how the systems will do in this massive market. Could make for insane profits or lead to big pirating woes, who knows?

    At least it should be a better market for Xbox than Japan.

    • Why would it be better than Japan? Culturally similar but massively less disposable income.

      • Because the Chinese generally dislike the Japanese & their products. I thought you would know that already with your extensive knowledge.

  2. Be interesting how much of the population have the money for games consoles and how much freedom they have online. I wonder if they will be locked in to their own network?

  3. I look forward to how Mr blighty spins this one.

    • Well I think it’s fairly obvious that MS got their cheque book out again and bought China. It’s the only plausible explanation.

    • We should be grateful, he makes the rest of us nutters seem reasonable and clever. But it seems you’ve jinxed him. :-)

  4. Not such a big delay after all. It’ll be interesting to see, huge population but how many will be able to afford one.

    • I wonder if they’ll give their factory workers a staff discount? :)

  5. “Microsoft will launch XBOX One in mainland China” So this is how WW3 starts.God help us all.

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