Ancient Space Launches For PC, Channels That Homeworld Vibe

Huge 3D space battles have been missing from the Real Time Strategy genre in recent years. Paradox Interactive and Creative Forge have rectified that dreadful oversight though, as Ancient Space has just launched for PC and Mac.

It’s a space-bound RTS that instantly reminds us of Homeworld, which is probably about as high an accolade as we can give to a YouTube trailer of a new space-bound RTS. This also has the vocal talents of a group of sci-fi actors you might know. Ron Glass, who was Shepherd Book in Firefly) and Dwight Schultz (Lt. Barclay in Star Trek but also Murdoch in The A-Team) immediately jumped out to me but there are plenty more. Dina Meyer, John Billingsly, Richard Gunn and Aaron Douglas, from various sci-fi movies and TV shows also lend their voices.


It’s out today on digital retailers but if you’re not instantly sold on the idea, we’ve got a review on the way as soon as the team is finished with their adventures in London.



  1. Ooh, another space adventure!

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