Get A Taste Of Saints Row’s Gat Out Of Hell In This Gameplay Walkthrough

Last month Volition gave us a taste of what’s coming next in the Saints Row universe by showing Gat Out of Hell, a standalone expansion that’s coming to both current-gen and last-gen consoles, as well as PC. They offered a quick look of what was in store but now they’re showing off a bit more.


Gat Out of Hell sees the player take control of Johnny Gat, the most infamous Saint of them all, as he attempts to track down Satan, who has kidnapped the leader of the Saints and taken him to hell. The gameplay walkthrough shows a few of the new weapons and abilities available in the expansion, such as the armchair rocket launcher, the locust gun, and Johnny’s ability to fly.

Along with the announcement of Gat Out of Hell, Volition also touted a current-gen version of Saints Row 4 that’s coming in 2015, but they also recently announced that the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game will come bundled with the expansion, while PC, 360, and PS3 owners can download the expansion digitally. I haven’t able to find a price for the expansion outside of USD but the $19.99 price tag in the States probably gives you an idea of what to expect on January 30th.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

Source: YouTube, via VG247



  1. I think the most important part of this announcement is that there will be yet another ‘remaster’ on PS4.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably end up replaying SRIV on PS4 (same as I am planning to with Sleeping Dogs) as it was a blast, but cue many queries of “where’s new games” etc.

  2. Having just watched Sunset Overdrive vids, this looks tired and cheap. Time to put the franchise to bed I think.

    • Personally, I think it looks pretty fun.

      Saints row has always looked tired & cheap. It’s part of it’s charm & certainly doesn’t need to be put to bed any time soon. Variety is key for me & I think there is more than enough room for this to continue.

      Besides, Sunset Overdrive is Xbone only. I’d quite like something madcap to play on my PS4.

    • I think Saints Row falls into the so bad it’s good category. SR4 was crazy as hell and it looked like crap but I enjoyed every minute and I’ll definitely buy the next one. I wouldnt ever pay full price for an SR game but I’ll pick it up at some point.

  3. I quite enjoyed 3 and 4 with Tef (co-op) on the PC. However, I can really, REALLY feel the rinse & repeat formula with this. Not sure I can do that all again.

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