WeView Verdict: Child Of Light

It seems Child Of Light’s art style, fairy tale story and simple battle system went down a treat with players, proving a very popular choice for WeView. Fortunately for you, however, I won’t be trying to make this article rhyme.

Child of Light had its own unique visual design and Anthro said, “The design of the game brought watercolour paintings to mind, and that matches perfectly with the setting and theme, making the whole package really immersive.” Whilst Starman praised the “wonderful art style”, JR even went as far as to say that “it’s one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played”.

Aside from Child Of Light’s charming aesthetics Anthro also said that “the battle system is likewise very well thought out”. MrYd also took a liking to the turn based combat, saying it’s “a little bit more complicated than it seems, with some neat ideas in”, and they continued that it was “a huge improvement over some of the big RPGs that got stupidly dumbed-down in the past few years.” Dragon Age 2, we’re looking at you.

The game’s story was praised by nearly everyone that commented this week. For BrianC Child Of Light “was like reading a lovely old story”, whilst Anthro said, “There’s a real impression that you’re playing a well crafted fairy tale, with a firm plot throughout.”

Child Of Light wasn’t without a few flaws. A common complaint was the game’s length. Both BrianC and Phizzy reported the “abrupt ending”, making you wonder if the game warrants its £12 price tag, and although the “rhyming thing is cute,” MrYd though it was “a bit forced in places”.

Finishing this WeView we have Psychobudgie’s comment:

If you like original story driven RPGs with fun turn based combat stages and some puzzling and exploring and you are a fan of poetry and art and original fantasy stories then buy it. If you don’t like all of that, what is wrong with you?

Child Of Light received Buy It votes from everyone, which is as unanimous as any verdict can get. It’s definitely worth picking up Child Of Light, and I believe the game is actually on sale at the moment on the PS Store.

Tomorrow we will have Watch_Dogs in the spotlight for WeView. Sniper Elite 3 takes it’s place in the poll.




  1. Doh, totally meant to leave a comment.

    Beautiful game & the wee yins love it too though need a bit of assistance on the tougher bosses.

    The price would be easier to swallow if it covered the PS Vita version too but as it stands, money well spent.

  2. Oh no. I’m back to being of a mystery gender again. Or possibly plural. “they” indeed.

    And after I changed my username from yd (which admittedly isn’t that helpful in determining what to refer to me as) to MrYd. Which I thought would give more clue.

    Oh well. At least the overall verdict came out right. Sort of. I’d have preferred “Moo!” again, really.

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