Uncharted 4 Concept Art Hints At Game’s Sunken Location

Uncharted 4’s trailer already showed a murky, blue shaded island, with an older Nathan Drake exploring this latest location in what could very likely be his last adventure.

It seems as though water will definitely be the focus of this game – after snow in Uncharted 2 and sand in Uncharted 3 – with a sunken city shown in these pieces of concept art, from the forthcoming book The Art of Naughty Dog, which is available in a couple of weeks.


Unfortunately, the photos are quite low quality but do suggest that we might finally be seeing Atlantis – or something similar -when Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launches on PS4 at some point in 2015.

Source: Tumblr, via Polygon



  1. I better get my speedo’s ready!

  2. Atlantis would be fantastic, maybe they’ll go even bigger like Agartha? Aside from the brilliant storytelling, the fantasy plot elements are a major hook for me in the Uncharted games. I love how they only reveal themselves towards the end, like in the Indiana Jones films, so if this is to be the last of the series maybe nows the time to make more of it earlier in the game and go huge!

  3. Got a feeling I’m going to be on that stormy beach for quite a while.

  4. Think I might be done with uncharted now – Unless they massively change things up I this one (which would surely polarise the community), I can’t see it being anything other than; explore/climb for a bit, find some treasure, get mobbed & end up in a shootout & then repeat. Add in obligatory supernatural type bit towards the end & an anticlimactic QTE for final boss battle & done.

    Whilst there is nothing wrong with the games per se (& you know it’ll look lovely & play well), I think I have gotten a little bored of them.

    • Surely it’s gotta be worth one more shot just to witness what they get out of the PS4.

      • Trouble is that I haven’t finished 3. I’m only part way in & can’t bring myself to go back & play it. Just haven’t found the urge to return.

        I’m sure what they will do will be nothing more than a technological wonder, but if I can’t be arsed to play the damn thing, I may be better off just getting something else.

  5. I really enjoyed the series and really looking forward to the 4th.

    I wonder if they would consider in re-releasing the first 3 in PS4 in some sort of collection or definitive collection. editions as they are calling them nowadays.

    That I would defiantly pay for.

    • This is the 5th Uncharted, you forgot Golden Abyss (Vita)

  6. If this is to be Nathans last outing Naughty Dog know this has to be something special that’ll reel the fans back in and i think they can do it.There’s 2 things we know ND can do 1).Make a brilliant looking game (U3) 2).They know how to tell a story just look at The Last Of Us,let’s hope they manage to meet our expectations.
    Also let him keep some of the treasure he finds for once,there are these things called pockets you know and i say that because if i mentioned backpack it would inevitably get lost.

    • Nope. Pockets are for keeping his hands in when he’s around Elena or Chloe (and maybe even Marisa).

      It’s going to be a day 1 purchase for me, even though I didn’t finish the third one. Hoping the spark will have returned for this release.

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