PSN Down Worldwide With NW-31201-7 Server Error [UPDATED]

This is becoming an all too common occurrence. PSN is completely down again, with the “cannot connect to the server” NW-31201-7 error showing up for many users.

There’s no scheduled maintenance yet again, and no signs of what’s causing it yet. Perhaps someone tripped over the delicate piece of string at Sony HQ which holds it together, or it might be the work of a hacker group yet again. We’ll try to find out and keep you updated.


Of course, the PSN status page says that it’s online currently, but that’s usually a bit behind everyone else, so keep your eyes on here, and let us know if it comes back up, of course.

UPDATE: We’ve been able to sign in, and PSN appears to be coming back online.



  1. I’m in.

    • Destiny matchmaking is having a hard time though.

  2. I’m also back on now.

  3. So for the PS4 you need to pay for online play but PSN can’t handle it ? Shame Sony. Is this also ‘for the players’ ?
    And what’s this about PS+ getting more expensive in some areas of the world ? That’s another cheap move.

  4. God helps us when Drive Club goes live on PSN! That’ll bring it down :)

    • Just assume you won’t get to play it till Friday night. If its ready by Thurs night call it a bonus.

  5. The store is shafted. Not that that is anything new mind. It allows me to log in and 5 seconds later tells me sign in has failed. The store is a joke, frankly.

  6. Tried to log on, PSN down, ah well, cuppa tea and some offline play.

    PSN now working, having fun offline so it’s all good

  7. Oooo what did I miss???

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