WeView Verdict: Watch Dogs

Last week, in the initial WeView post, Dan said that he fell for the hype and subsequently did not enjoy Watch Dogs. Even worse, I saw the somewhat mixed reception and still decided to pick the game up months after release, playing it for a short amount of time and never going back. Still, that Spider Tank mission was quite fun.

There was a mixed response from all you, with some enjoying the game and others not having fun at all. We’ll start with the positive comments.

“I was really impressed with it’s scale and was a good example of the kind of thing I was expecting from ‘next gen’ games.” said tactical20, while TSBonyman thinks it was “worth every cent” – “this game has loads to do and is fun to play, with a great mix of hacking and gun mechanics allowing you to approach most encounters whichever way you please.”

Pingulock “enjoyed the game and the story” and “played through it pretty fast” but doesn’t plan on returning any time soon. Forrest_01 advised not to play through fast in a lengthy comment: “Playing just a couple of hours here or there has helped keep it fresh & I am enjoying what I am playing at the moment.” He also commented on the central hacking feature: “he hacking itself is well implemented I feel & it does make for an easier time when trying to lose the cops when you can just explode the street, or pop a few bollards up in their way!”

Forrest managed to convince MadBoJangles to give it another try in the future, who had only “played about 2 hours” before writing it off as “little bit too like GTA”. “To sum up it is essentially a bit like Asda own brand I can’t believe it’s not GTA.” said psychobudgie, echoing the thoughts of BoJangles. “It’s a solid attempt but at the end of the day other developers and publishers do it better.”

Nothing truly negative yet, it seems as though a lot of people didn’t know what to think of the game. Youles was one of these: “The cars don’t look or handle that great, and the hacking gets repetitive, but the gameplay is solid enough. The highlights for me were how well the gun-play was – very solid for a game that isn’t an out-and-out shooter – and the online. I usually hate tacked-on multiplayer but the hacking was actually really good fun, with some genuinely tense moments”.

JustTaylorNow left quite a similar comment: “I don’t dislike nor like watch dogs, the problem that stopped me from playing this game was every second when I am walking to a mission, I was interrupted by some crap being robbed or something, the car handling was awful. It felt like the very first Assassin creed, repetitive & a try out for the next game.” while rSp8 said that “It wasn’t a bad game” but “found it dull.”

Finally, the only truly negative comment came from double-o-dave who, like Dan and I, also fell for the hype: “In short… The on foot shooting mechanics seemed fine but Driver on the PS1 had better car handling. As for the visuals, if I didn’t have a DS4 in my hand I would of thought I was playing the PS3 version.”

Tony found that it was a game of two halves, and wrote a comment which summed everything up nicely:

The story was good, the gameplay progressed nicely and by the time you’ve unlocked everything there’s loads of different possibilities open to you. If you want the platinum though, be warned the side missions are a huge chore and get very boring very quickly.

So, where does that leave us in terms of the overall verdict? Well, there were three votes for Buy It, seven votes for Sale It, two votes for Plus It, one vote for Avoid It, and strangely enough, a vote for Rent It which is no longer an option.

Poll time, and we’ve got a few new games for you to pick from. Murdered: Soul Suspect is coming up tomorrrow, so that should be quite an interesting one. Vote below!




  1. One thing I forgot to mention was the cover system – I really like how you aim at the scenery/cover and you press X and Aiden/T-Bone will go to that cover, makes the movement from cover-to-cover very fluid, thought that was a really decent mechanic.

    Am really enjoying the T-Bone campaign, the levels are so much better than Aiden’s story.

    • Co-op was a blast too. Sometimes it just clicked and we were a well oiled machine. Other times? Not so much! Entertaining though.

      • Haha very true! The game could be a little glitch too, like the enemies appearing in front of you – which was completely unavoidable! Co-op certainly made the side-missions more enjoyable.

    • Yeah, shame it was lifted entirely from the (later) Splinter Cell series. Which was my whole issue with the game (apart from the graphics downgrade. Rather than do anything new, it just took bits from other games and mixed it together. Goo, but not the revolution we were promised.

  2. Think I’ll go with PS+ it. Seems likely it will come to PS+ eventually, shame the main protagonist has no personality, but it looks like there is some fun to be had.

  3. Bit late to the party, I was never going to buy this as I wasn’t impressed with any of the gameplay videos but have just received a free bundled PC copy and I have to say it’s easily worth what I paid for it :) :)
    Yeah, it’s ok, but as already said above, it just feels very “samey”, it uses too many elements of other games and you don’t feel you are playing anything different.

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