Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Update 2.1.0 Going Live On PS4 This Week

Blizzard has confirmed that patch 2.1.o is going live this week on PS4, and will bring features over that have been available on the PC version of the game since August. The Xbox One will also be getting the patch too though there doesn’t appear to be a solid release date on that yet.  The new patch is bringing with it new areas and challenges, as well as a new item and the introduction of Legendary Gems, that add powerful abilities to items.

The first new area is simply called The Vault and this is accessible by defeating Treasure Goblins, and when that happens there’s a chance a portal will appear to take you to this realm. However you can only access the Vault in adventure mode. This new area has different treasures and a new boss called Baroness Greed for you to take down. The Cesspools is another new randomised area that players can encounter on their travels, with access not restricted to the the adventure mode.


Greater Rifts are also being added and they are like Nephalem Rifts, but timed. There’s an unlimited amount of these Rifts to explore and upon completion you can choose to upgrade Legendary gems, or move on to the next level. The latter can only chosen if the previous level was beaten in time. The final addition is Ramalandni’s Gift, which allows the adding of a socket to an item that does not have one. It’s limited to one use and will disappear from your inventory once consumed. This item drops randomly in the world.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Looking forward to the update. It’s an absolute ‘gem’ (haha) of a game.

  2. Sounds great! Can’t wait.. Combining is starting to cost a fortune now though :)

  3. Little else matters in my day now, apart from waiting less than patiently for some new legendary gems, area/rifts, etc. to install on my shiny (it needs a little dusting) PS4.

  4. The patch is now live. When installed you’ll see a nice ‘splash screen’ introducing the new features and an animated little treasure goblin guarding his stash. I’m very happy!

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