New Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Footage, European Release Date Confirmed

This looks like a little gem of a Wii U game. While it’s releasing on December 5th in the US, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker won’t land on European shores until January 9th 2015. Still, that’s something for you to purchase early into next year.

The game takes the mini-levels from Super Mario 3D World and expands them into a full title, with Captain Toad exploring isometric levels based on the series, collecting stars as he goes. There’s a new Japanese gameplay trailer below, showing Captain Toadette and some of the power-ups.


Looks fun, doesn’t it? Hopefully there’s a lot of variety from level to level, as you’d expect from a Nintendo game. We previewed the game after playing it earlier this year.

Via Eurogamer



  1. That is one of the most charming games I’ve ever seen. The little details in animation, the art-direction, the sounds. Looks even better than (the sublime) 3D World from a graphical perspective as well, likely due to the smaller levels.

    Stupid European delay!

  2. Looks quite cool actually. Will be far too busy playing Bayo2 and Smash Bros when it launches but I’ll pick it up at some point :)

  3. Stunning visuals imagine what they could do with a next gen console?

    • Our bodies could never prepare.

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