WeView: Sniper Elite III

In the spotlight for this week’s WeView is Sniper Elite 3. In contrast it’s predecessor Sniper Elite V2, the third sees a change in scenery, with the streets of Europe being replaced with war torn Africa.

I’ve only played a little of Sniper Elite 3, and whilst it feels extremely similar to the last offering, the gruesome bullet cam never seems to get old.

Dan Lee reviewed the game for TSA, scoring it a 7/10. Dan reported that “ss soon as you hit the ground you’ll be given a target to reach, but it’s how you get there that is the game’s biggest draw. You are very rarely funnelled down a path, and instead encouraged to look around and react based on how you want to play the game”.

When you do get spotted “on anything but the easiest setting you’ll only take a couple of hits before getting into trouble”, so it’s best to stay out of sight, and “find a decent sniping spot and time your shots to coincide with the increase in background noise”.

Aside from the “extremely brutal” X-Ray kill cam “the rest of the gunplay is so weak”, which can be expecting from a game which wants the ‘go loud’ strategy as a “last resort”. Visually the game can be “inconsistent”. “Some of the levels look absolutely fantastic, but animation is incredibly wooden, especially when crawling”.

Dan conluded:

There’s a good amount of enjoyment and a fair old challenge to be found with Sniper Elite 3. Those who are after more than just another run-and-gun game will do well here, and the inclusion of two player co-op is the icing on the cake. Unfortunately the game is dragged down slightly by the number of glitches, which somewhat ruin the immersion. Still, if you’re after something both tactical and brutal, this is well worth a look.

Now it’s over to you. Let us know what you thought of Sniper Elite 3 in the comments below. Be sure to give the gave either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Remember to get your comments in by Sunday evening.


  1. Sale It. Tef and I are currently knee deep in zombie guts (read: Dead Rising 3) but we need to get back to Sniper Elite III once we’ve wrapped up DR3. It’s a lovely game although 7/10 feels about right. However, the genuinely enjoyably thing about it is that it feels like a breath of fresh air as a co-op game when you look at other offerings for friends to enjoy together.

  2. bargain bin it!
    literally finished it yesterday.
    although at first it seems that multiple routes,stealth,side quests and vicious kill cams seem appealing,but after 2 maybe 3 missions i gave up and went guns blazing.
    its riddled with bugs(not game breaking)but quite annoying,(one in particular was the subtitles stayed on the screen even after i moved on to the next cut scene.some really dumb AI thrown into the mix.the weapons are crap ,couldn’t hit a barn door with the mp40 so spent most of the time using the sniper rifle even in close quarters.
    multiplayer is not all that because basically its two teams of snipers,sniping?
    on the whole not saying its a bad game just not brilliant.plenty of replay value for the purists,side missions and collectables.and of course the co-op.
    a missed opportunity that could of provided much more entertainment than it did.

  3. Short campaign with boring levels & boring enemies. Glitchy as hell too. Avoid it.

  4. The Killcam in 3D is amazing.

    Other than that, an average enough game. But a fun use of a 3DTV.

    I haven’t finished it and quite possibly won’t bother to. But I will certainly play it again in short bursts- it’s fun, but not a great game.

    Sale it.

    • I should add that I played it on PS4. i’m not sure if the PS3 version has the 3D option.

  5. It’s a solid game which encourages you to pay stealthily but does allow you to go in guns blazing if that’s your thing. The co-op does feel really good although I find I can be less patient in co-op than I am on my own!
    There is a good time to be had here with a decent campaign but I definitely thing it’s a Bargain Bin it as I only got it because there wasn’t much else out at the time but now there are better shooters out on next gen.

    • Oops forgot about the new rating system. I’d Sale It.

  6. Despite a lot of the negative comments, I actually enjoyed it, not as much as V2, but when you ramp up the difficulty it really is a great, challenging and incredibly rewarding game. Played on anything other than Sniper Elite or Authentic difficulty and its boringly easy, and as such gives you nothing back since you can shoot your way out of any trouble.

    Co-op is brilliant and Multiplayer is good if that’s your thing.

    The DLC levels are decent and offer more variety than the campaign levels – which is one of my few complaints about the game; the deserts settings did get a bit boring.

    My other annoyance was the amount of small glitches, in particular the sound ‘going’ and leaving you stuck in breathing mode. Also Crazy_Del and I almost completed one of the later levels on Authentic difficulty only for my chap to freeze – ducking irritating as hell after the time it had taken!!

    I guess it’s rather a niche game, but needs to be played in the right way to get the most out of it. So due to that, the glitches and most people probably not buying the DLC (the better levels), I’d sale SALE IT or BARGAIN BIN IT. Fans of the series should love it though.

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