Community Chronicle: 19/10/14

It’s quite worrying when you look at just how much time you spend playing games, isn’t it? Take, for example, Destiny. I might have given it a 7/10 in my review, but that doesn’t mean I dislike the game or that I didn’t want to play it any more. I’d already pumped a quite unhealthy number of hours into that game while doing the review, but looking at my stats just yesterday, I found myself sailing past the 90 hour mark.

Then again, there are people who’ve spent well over double that…


Of course, if Driveclub’s servers were fully up and running, I might find myself compelled to load up a racing game instead. Alas, the game’s issues continue even with the 1.04 patch. It’s quite impressive that so many people are still playing and enjoying the game, despite it missing its primary hook, that of sending and taking on challenges.

Some people, like TSBonyman, aren’t all that fussed about online play anyway. He wrote, “As I rarely play online, the connectivity issues don’t bother me so much but of course many people must be becoming really frustrated by now.” Moonpie also decided to dip into the game regardless, saying, “I really hope they sort this, played last night for the first time and really loved it.”

Having said that, DJ Judas is tired of seeing status updates, but not being able to actually see the improvements for himself:

I’m fed up of hearing of all these supposed improvements to be honest. It’s still consistently dropping the connection, and each time I see a story where its supposed to be improved I’m only disappointed further when it ends up being false.

Without a connection I’ve nothing to do in the game any more. Even for the reduced price I regret getting the digital version, I could just sell the disc version at the moment and return when the servers are working.

It looks like Jag has taken a similar approach to me, largely swearing off the game until online play is fully up and running again, as he said, “I’ve decided to take a little break from the game now until the servers are back in full force, not this piecemeal way they are being brought back now. I had a lot of fun with the single player tour but I’ve finished that and while at level 30 there are things to unlock still I’d rather wait until the game is working properly now. I don’t want to burn out with the game before I’ve levelled up my club and experienced all the social stuff.”

Fingers crossed, Evolution can finally resolve the issues and get the game in fully working order, so that it can actually live up to some of those positive reviews that it got.

We were a little bit naughty, a few days ago, and posted detailed instructions on how you can get Pix The Cat for free on PSN. Hopefully a bunch of you have taken advantage of this particularly egregious glitch, but down in the comments, ron_mcphatty had an even more devilish set of instructions for how to get Killzone Shadow Fall (and many other games) for free:

I’ve got a guide for getting Killzone Shadow Fall for free, following these easy to comprehend steps:

  1. Think. This should be done sitting down, preferably on the loo, in a nursery or in your dungeon.
  2. After your gooey cogitating slop has warned itself up with some thinking, try to recall a friend or relative who fulfils both of the following criteria:
    a) You are on friendly speaking terms with.
    b) Owns Killzone Shadow Fall.
  3. Good work so far, keep it up! Time to wipe your arse and flush, leave the nursery or tidy up your private dark place in preparation for your next visit.
  4. Ask the friend or relative, on your next encounter, if you may ‘temporarily’ be lent Killzone Shadow Fall.
  5. Graciously accept the loan of Killzone Shadow Fall and enjoy playing it. Remember you don’t own it yet, if you’re struggling with this revisit your preferred thinking spot and consider again how you reached step 5. Do not stare at the children.
  6. Keep the game and do not return it to your kind hearted but naively screwed friend or relative. If said person has protested about you still having the game before they’ve forgotten about it tell them one of the following:
    a) They’re a materialistic stinky face and should realise that there’s more to life than possessions.
    b) Sorry, you’ll bring it back tomorrow, you promise. You won’t.
    c) “Oh look, that man over there has dropped his trousers and is pooing on the crest of that automatic bollard! Can’t you see him? Just over there.” (And then leave)
    Under no circumstances should you attempt to ply your friend or relative with alcohol as this constitutes paying for Killzone Shadow Fall.
  7. Congratulations, if you stuck with it you now own Killzone Shadow Fall and you’re a bastard.

As you will see below, it’s not even as if Ron’s deceit has gained him all that much pleasure and enjoyment!

Of course, I couldn’t finish this section without mentioning the I Am Bread announcement and some of the fantastically silly comments.

TSBonyman set the tone, as he wrote, “It better not be half-baked or it’ll end up the butty of many jokes,” while wonkey-willy said, “Crumbs, I’ve seen it all now! I bet after a while the gameplay could get a bit stale. If this is cross buy we can get the best of both worlds. I wonder how much dough this is going to cost?”

It all got a bit too much for dave87fez, who implored people to “stop with these crusty jokes, please.” Oh wait, I see what you did there, Dave…


It’ll be a fairly subdued achievements section this week, but Crazy_Del has netted himself quite a few. He spent hours and hours trying to get an essentially luck based trophy in FIFA 15, eventually managing to bag the platinum. Much less luck based, though hopefully quite a bit scarier, will have been his two plays through of Alien: Isolation, for which he also grabbed the platinum.

Aside from that, he’s joined the crowds of people playing Driveclub and waiting for the servers to come online. TSBonyman hasn’t played anything else all week, and double-o-dave and Moonpie have also dipped a toe in.

Ron_mcphatty, meanwhile, has found himself with another PlayStation 4, and took the time to try out Killzone: Shadow Fall on it. Though he adores the multiplayer, the single player has left him less than inspired. He quite damningly wrote, “Terrible pacing, boring gunplay, not enough enemies, rubbish cutscenes with bad lip synching, disastrous silences and ridiculously badly conveyed plot (which seems quite interesting from the collectibles). Other than the first main mission, which was promisingly good fun, I’m disappointed.”

Shadow of Mordor also got a look in, as a game that Starman says is probably one of his top 5 from the year, while the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection came to the fore for DividSmythe, as he found himself addicted to Dust: An Elysian Tale from start to finish.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest leaderboards.

If people want to send photos in of their gaming places, I will be happy to post them. So, If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with him on Twitter at @teflon, or just send an email to him using [email protected]

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  1. Played Batman Arkham Asylum this week on the PS3, and Joe Danger and Metroid on the Vita.
    But not enough. As univ started a bunch of us have been going out and just talking, trying to make plans after we finish this year. Big decisions ahead. I kinda sink my teeth into games just to get away a bit from it all.

  2. Played Peggle 2, Driveclub (offline obviously) and started The Evil Within. Love all three.

    On a side note, is PSN down again? I’m getting an undergoing maintenance message?

    • Same issue with PSN for me this morning mate, seems ok at the mo though…

  3. Wow, I didn’t expect my ramblings to be quoted here, thanks Tef! I actually bought Shadow Fall, so all that crap I wrote should be your reason to think I’m a loser, not because I pinch games :) And yep, story is pants and nowhere near the quality that 2 managed, but I can absolutely see why TC goes mad for the multiplayer, it’s great.

  4. had more one liners but quit while i was “ABREAD”

    • I missed the original article but anyway it’s aBUNdantly obvious that you used your LOAF whilst convalescing after the fall to think of so many proNAANS in relation to the said BLOOMER!
      Jeez, did I just post that lol

  5. Cheers for the mentions Tef :) Alien Isolation was brilliant!

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