WeView Verdict: Sniper Elite III

Sniper Elite 3 didn’t receive a very positive reaction for WeView. It seems as though if you take away the X-ray bullet cam you’re left with an average game which can be a little too easy at times. The online co-op, which sounds like its redeeming feature, is even plagued with technical glitches.

We’ll kick things off with the positives for Sniper Elite. Colmshan1990 said the “Killcam in 3D is amazing” which made for a good use of his 3DTV. He later went on to say “in short bursts it’s fun”, although conceding that Sniper Elite is “an average enough game”.

In contrast to others Youles really enjoyed the game, admittedly not as much as Sniper Elite V2, “but when you ramp up the difficulty it really is a great, challenging and incredibly rewarding game”. He also thought the co-op was brilliant, but was let down by “the amount of small glitches, in particular the sound ‘going’ and leaving you stuck in breathing mode”. One glitch left his player frozen after “one of the later levels on Authentic difficulty”. As you can guess he wasn’t pleased.

Jag was also a fan of the online multiplayer saying “The co-op does feel really good” but they found themselves to be less patient when playing with someone else. Other than the co-op they thought there was “a good time to be had…with a decent campaign”. There was even more love for the online co-op with Bunimomike saying that “the genuinely enjoyably thing about it is that it feels like a breath of fresh air as a co-op game when you look at other offerings for friends to enjoy together”. It certainly is something different when compared to the likes of Destiny.

Tactical20 was rather short and sweet about their time with Sniper Elite 3 concluding it had a “short campaign with boring levels & boring enemies”, and also adding it was “glitchy as hell too”. Wonkey-willy also found it to be “riddled with bugs”. They were quick to point out the “really dumb AI”, and poor weaponry on offer explaining that they “couldn’t hit a barn door with the mp40 so spent most of the time using the sniper rifle even in close quarters”.

Lastly we have Philbert8 for whom Sniper Elite 3 “felt like a game of yesteryear with a paint job”. Although it was “still enjoyable enough” it was “nothing of greatness”.

Now it’s down to the all-important votes. In total there were 6 votes for Sale It, and a single vote for Avoid It. Certainly not a great result for the game. So there we have it Sniper Elite 3 should only be considered when on sale, or you might be left feeling a little disappointed. There’s some enjoyment to be had with the coop and gruesome bullet cam if you can overlook the glitches.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Last Of Us: Remastered topped the WeView poll, so we’ll be taking a look at that in tomorrow’s article. Replacing it in the pole is The Swapper.



  1. Shame lots of people didn’t like it – I think games like this (where you’re intended to act as a sniper would) should have the harder difficulty set as default, with perhaps only offering the player the choice of a lower setting if they die many times. It really is a different game, and forces a very slow more tactical approach if played on the harder settings.

    • I still remember a tough mission where Youles was down and for some reason the game wouldn’t let me revive him. We were near the end lol sadly stupid glitch had us restarted the mission.

      • Yeah, I mentioned that in my WeView – I think you were down but my guy had froze about 2ft away from you so we just had to watch the 60-second countdown, lol. So annoying at the time! ;)

      • Ahhhh I didn’t see that WeView, I must have missed it. Was annoying indeed, but we go there in the end ;)

    • I thought it was a good game, just that people would probably be a little disappointed at full price. If it sold digitally only at the £20-25 mark I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

      • Yeah it’s a fair point, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea so some people could be disappointed at paying full price, and the glitches don’t do anything to help the games’ cause!

  2. Damn, totally forgot to respond to this.

    It’s enjoyable in short bursts but the killcam soon wears thin and the rest of the gunplay is (perhaps deliberately) frustratingly weak. Playing in long sessions soon highlights that it’s just an average game that could’ve done with some more development time…

    All that said, the sniping when playing at higher difficulties is very satisfying. I can imagine it becoming very dull when playing the easier difficulties with all the aids switched on… Do yourself a favour and play it on Sniper Elite difficulty – it feels like a completely different game, and all the better for it.

    Id have said “Sale it” as it really isn’t for everyone and certainly has its share of bugs and glitches, but sniping fans will find a lot of fun to be had here :-)

  3. I enjoyed it playing Co op with HarmRehal and just 2 missions with Youles. The game is intended for Co op on authentic difficulty. If you were to play it solo you would need to lower the difficulty down. The Multiplayer was ok since its just snipers all around but was good fun when on a killing streak xD

  4. Is the ps4 version better than the ps3 (in terms of bugs and glitches)?
    I’ve been tempted to ps4 it (having never played any before)

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