Don’t Die, Mr Robot Hits PS Vita On October 29th

Infinite State Games has announced that its game has ‘Avoid Droid’ has had a name change, and is now known as Don’t Die, Mr Robot. It will also be releasing October 29th on Vita. It’s a dodging title where you have to help the robot avoid enemies, while trying to eat some fruit. The only thing is that the fruit explodes on contact, so instead it used as more of a weapon to wipe out the enemies that are coming for the robot. One tip given is to allow the amount of fruit on screen to build up for higher multipliers and scores.


Don’t Die, Mr Robot has different control styles to play around with from the d-pad, to tilt controls, using the analogue sticks, or the rear touch pad of the Vita. There will be three game modes to play through, 50 mix levels, and some special guest characters too. You’ll also be able to customise the robot by buying items using the points you’ve earned. Those same points can also be spent on upgrades. Don’t Die Mr Robot will cost less than £5, though a solid price wasn’t confirmed.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. They had to change the name because the word “droid” is trademarked? It appears you can use a shortened form of a word (such as “android”) in a film (or 3 films – yes, there’s only 3, don’t argue), wait 21 years, and then randomly decide to trademark the “word”.

    There’s a word for these things. Several words, really. But I better not list them.

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