Telltale Teases Mr Robot Project With E Corp Messaging App

Telltale Games isn’t a company that is adverse to taking on multiple projects, and it appears that its next one will have something to do with the TV show Mr Robot. For those not in the know Mr Robot is about a character called Elliot who is recruited a group called fsociety which is led by a mysterious Mr Robot. The aim is to target a company called E Corp and destroy its data.

Now Telltale has posted a video advertising an E Corp Messaging app, which is set to be released on August 17th for Android and iOS. The video itself can be watched on Telltale’s Facebook page. It looks like we’ll know in a week then what this is pertaining to.

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  1. Just getting into the show this week and really enjoying it, so would love to see where Telltale go with it

  2. I found the show to be near unwatchable. Terrible lead actor.

    • No!

      He’s very odd in it, definitely. But I think he’s very good playing the character he does. He also goes in a very different direction at the end of the first series, and what we’ve had so far of the second series. One of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time, particularly the current series.

      So everyone should go and watch it all on Amazon. Or whichever obscure channel finally got around to showing the first series here. (Other, more dubious options are available, obviously)

    • Sorry I just didn’t like his character. He is a massive a tosspot.

      • Ah, so the character, not the actor then?

        Not sure that’s how I’d describe the character though. But then I’ve watched a whole series and a half of it. (I checked. We’re halfway through series 2 already. Episode 2.4 this week, which is the 6th episode in a kind of cute way. The first 2 part episode being officially called episode 2.0. Well, it amuses me ;)

  3. I really liked the first part of the first series, but by the end it was like WTF happened there?? Its definitely one of the weirdest shows I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly no Bosch!

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