Telltale Games is to return and continue stories from previous titles

In surprising news Telltale Games is set to make a comeback. Assets from the company have been bought by LCG Entertainment and the new Telltale will be headed by the CEO of a mobile developer, Jamie Ottilie, along with Brian Waddle. Athlon games will be helping publishing and a number of big names from the industry have financed the deal including Chris Kingsley from Rebellion and Tobias Sjögren of Starbreeze.

It seems they still have the rights for games such as Batman and The Wolf Among Us and Jamie Ottilie has said that the new company may continue some of the properties and we know The Wolf Among Us 2 was in development when the old version of Telltale folded. “We’re still evaluating, but we definitely want to continue some of the stories,” he told Polygon.

The rights to the Stranger Things game have reverted back to Netflix and The Walking Dead has had it’s final seasons which was completed by Skybound Games. As for the classic episodic storytelling of Telltale games that may stay in place, but with a twist.

“We will probably keep the concept of episodes but with different pacing,” explained Ottilie. “This is a different world, from a media consumption standpoint. We need to look at how people like to entertain themselves. I like the idea of binge watching.”

Some of the older Telltale staff may be offered positions at the new company which is now based in Malibu.

The previous incarnation of the company collapsed in September last year  stating the company faced “insurmountable challenges.”

“It’s been an incredibly difficult year for Telltale as we worked to set the company on a new course,” read a statement. “Unfortunately, we ran out of time trying to get there. We released some of our best content this year and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, but ultimately, that did not translate to sales. With a heavy hear, we watch our friends leave today to spread out brand of storytelling across the games industry.”

After the closure numerous reports emerged of terrible working conditions and serious mismanagement within the company.

Source: Polygon

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