Skybound Want A Team Of 100% Ex-Telltale Devs To Finish The Walking Dead

Skybound’s intention to finish off The Walking Dead: The Final Season is an admirable one, but what’s even more admirable is that they want to assemble a team of former Telltale developers in order to get the job done. Like The Expendables, but less stupid explosions and more sitting at computers, I guess.

In a Reddit AMA dedicated to The Walking Dead’s game series, Skybound CEO Ian Howe and The Walking Dead: The Final Season Creative Director Kent Mudle answered a variety of questions, but it’s the questions about the former Telltale staff that stuck out.


When asked who from the previous team was going to come back, Ian replied, “At this stage, we’re still in discussions with various members of the team and I met over 40 of them last week to discuss our plans moving forwards. They know what we’re trying to do and as soon as the lawyers have done their thing, we’ll be able to speak more openly.”

He also confirmed that the team will be working directly for Skybound, though whether it would be considered an independent third party or part of Skybound itself isn’t clear, and stated that they’d like to get the whole team back together if possible: “The plan is for it to be staffed 100% by former Telltale staff, the only time we’d look elsewhere is if we can’t fill a particular role from former TT people.”

It’s a great sentiment and makes a lot of sense. These people know the direction the game was going to take, would be familiar with the game engine and tools, and can likely finish the final episodes much quicker than dragging an established third party into the equation. That said, all of this is still very much in the planning stages and there’s no timeline on when The Final Season will continue.

Source: Reddit via Videogamer

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  1. Regardless of the business ads vantages appropriately pointed out towards the end of the article. I think it’s great that they are committed to supporting the former Telltale employees under the circumstances. Hopefully this can help several employees take a little more time to look for the right job opportunity.

    • Pesky autocorrect was off the mark on that one, should say business advantages.

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