Win One Of Five Copies Of Warlock 2: The Exiled – Great Mage Edition

Oh sure, you’ve been exiled from your homeland of Ardania by your enemies and the world has been shattered into several shards. It could hardly look much worse, but what’s the point of living if you can’t crack a smile at some terrible puns everyonce in a while – as you go about seeking revenge on those that did you wrong?

Warlock 2: The Exiled is a 4X turn-based strategy game for PC with a fantasy setting, in which you build your empire and do battle across multiple planes. If that’s gobbledegook to you, just think of Civilization with Great Mages, magic spells, armies of rat-men, wolf-shaped cities and an oddly quirky sense of humour; don’t let the rather serious cover art fool you.

Today actually marks the day that it gets even bigger, as the expansion Wrath of the Nagas presents you even more foes to fight against, with a pair of new Great Mages and the amphibian Naga to do battle with in a new campaign. To celebrate, we’re giving away five copies of the main game, which came out earlier this year.

Rather than just give away the base game though, we’ve actually got the digital equivalent of gold dust on our hands (which I hear can be a rather useful ingredient when making potions). In tandem with the DLC’s release, Warlock 2 is currently on sale on Steam and is also being made available for Mac and Linux today, but the Lord edition and Great Mage editions have been taken off the digital store shelves.

We’re giving away the Great Mage edition, which was previously sold for £38 and adds a ton of extras both in game and out:

  • Soundtrack for Warlock – Master of Arcane
  • Soundtrack for Warlock 2 – The Exiled
  • Digital Novel – The Great Mage Game – A story of action, intrigue and wizardry, set in the Warlock universe. Written by acclaimed fantasy and sci-fi author John Helfers.
  • Digital Artbook – 42 full-color pages of beautiful artwork from the Warlock 2 game: Great Mages, Enivonments and Units

And 7 in game items, including:

  • Domain of Death – Start your quest in the land of the dead!
  • Magic is Fun – The lord known as The Magical Genius is available to your cause!
  • Elementary, My Dear – Adds three new deadly elemental spells to your arsenal towards world domination!
  • Chants of Light – Gives access to three new magical powers, including a powerful Lord Summoning ability!
  • Frost Power – A former Great Mage who seeks retribution offer his services to you!
  • Half-of-Everyone – Nobody knows him, but this Jack-of-all-Trades can be the best ally by your side!
  • Ancient Dragon – A new Great Mage – the Ancient Dragon – joins the fray, and wants to show who is the greatest mage of all! Start as a huge almighty dragon who does not need any starting city. Be your own capital and conquer everything you want!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is just drop a comment below, but you can get a second entry if you tell us what you would do if you could cast a single spell that could achieve anything – feel free to make me laugh in the process. Finally, for a third entry, just tweet something silly @thesixthaxis including the hashtag #Warlock2 or click retweet on the following example:

Get all of your entries in by 7PM BST on Friday 24th of October, and our five winners will then be drawn at random and contacted through their TSA account’s email address or twitter’s direct messages. As a Steam code, this competition is open to everyone, and as always our decisions are final and the standard terms and conditions apply.

Good luck!



  1. Oooooh, who doesn’t love a bit of Warlock. It’s even on Linux so I wouldn’t have to dual boot into windows. Gimme gimme gimme!

    • Psst. Do the thing about the spell that you’d want to cast too. ;)

      • I would cast a spell that would enable me to edit a post on the TSA at a later stage and input a quiz requirement. Either that, or time travelling badgers.

  2. I’d like a spell that let me upgrade my laptops graphics-card to meet Warlock 2: The Exiled’s recommended specifications. ;-)

  3. I am going to call this spell… noworkamodo. As I cast the spell I go into a trance like state and start chanting complete and utter nonsense whilst my eyes start going into the back of my head. My arms start waving about uncontrollably. The spell only works if I am in a crowded place with at least 10 horrified onlookers. I also need to be dressed in black leather from head to toe. As the spell continues to cast and the chanting gets louder and louder I shout at the top of my lungs… “BRING DOWN, UPON ME, THE LIGHT OF THE SKIES. THE DARKNESS FROM THE DEPTHS. RELEASE MY SOUL FROM IT’S MORTAL PRISON!”. Upon doing all these things I fall to the ground, the world stands still and in front of me is a single gentleman. His hands lay cupped in front of me with a single piece of paper in them. I reach towards the paper at which point the man disappears in a cloud of white smoke, swirling around. The paper slip starts floating to the floor but I catch it mid fall. It’s folded in half. I open it up… inside reads but one word…


    I then get the ability to hide my secret and wait for generations to pass before I get to pass it on to my grandchildren…

    – MjA –

  4. What spell to cast. Hmmm.

    Something to do with laser squirrels, I suspect. The best sort of squirrel. Maybe a spell to conjure up some number of laser squirrels between 1 and “lots”.

    I’m not entirely sure why I’d want to do this, but they sound cool. Scurrying up trees, gathering nuts for the winter, shooting lasers out of the end of their big bushy tails.

    I bet you thought they’d shoot them out of their eyes. Which has it’s advantages, but makes it very hard to see where you’re aiming.

    No, hang on. Can I cast a spell to conjure up a pony instead? The cute version of horses? But that’d mean no laser squirrels.

    Can laser squirrels ride ponies? I think they can, if they have the correct hat.

    So, a spell that conjures up laser squirrels riding ponies.

    What do we win anyway? I didn’t read that far.

  5. I would like to be able to turn water into semiskimmed milk as this would make life loads easier.

  6. I’m not in the UK so this is just for fun..

    *hastily casts a spell to hold several words captive between two asterisks*

    • Steam codes, your nationality shouldn’t affect things. If it does, I’m out too.

      • Yep. Steam codes are pretty good like that. So a double whammy of entering for fun and having a chance of winning.

    • Where are you ? USA ?

      If you are in USA. you can get detail information from

    • Also, erm, i don’t have a PC… so just for fun this time :)

      • As in Windows PC? It’s on Mac & Linux too, though you’ll need a dicrete GPU. Though if it’s no computer at all that you mean, then yeah, that’d definitely count you out. ;)

  7. I would cast a spell that would let me read an entire book in 30min. My eyes would probably blink and move around like in REM sleep but afterwards I’d feel refreshed plus my hair would move like being blown in the wind…and I would memorize EVERYTHING.

  8. I would cast a spell that would make me instawin this comp :D
    As the game looks pretty damn sweet!

  9. I shall cast my spell to turn this world into LEGO mode, no wait that was in The Simpson so too late….. hmmmm…. I got it!
    I’d cast a spell to get Justin Bieber in Surgeon game, think of the torture, mwahahaha……
    Too far? :/ meh xD

  10. I would cast a spell to brainwash the Vita lords into making more AAA games. What’s that, bitter you say? Yeah maybe a little bit :)

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