Combat Racer BlazeRush Releases On PS3 & PC From October 29th

A new combat top down racer is coming to PS3 and PC from the 29th of October. It is called BlazeRush and has been developed by Targem Games, with it having a slight twist to the combat racing formula. You can’t outright kill or destroy your enemy by using the weapons provided, though those will hinder their progress. The only way to really make an opponent meet their fate is to push them off the track instead, so expect a lot of jostling as you race.


BlazeRush will support local multiplayer for up to four people, while online races will allow eight racers in total to join the carnage. Targem Games has priced BlazeRush at $9.99 / € 9.99, though the dev has also stated that the North American release on PS3 will be released later than other editions.

Source: Press Release



  1. nice, rock’n roll racing springs to mind! ;)

  2. at times it looked a little hard to see what was going on with all that was, well, going on.
    i’m sure the quick cutting of the video exaggerated the effect though so maybe a proper gameplay video would be clearer.
    but as it is, when there’s cars flying everywhere and explosions all over the screen it looks like your car could got lost in all that.

    still looks like fun.

  3. Nice. Coming soon and a good price, could be fun for multiplayer.

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