The Last Of Us Game Of The Year Edition Will Release November 11th For PS3

The Last Of Us, one of the flagship titles for the PlayStation brand, will be getting a Game Of The Year edition on PS3. This version of Joel and Ellie’s adventure will release on November 11th in the UK and Europe, and will offer the complete experience of the duo’s journey. All the major DLC that has been released for the title will be included in the package, so if you’ve yet to buy the title it may be worth just waiting a couple of weeks more.

Included in this edition is:

  • Left Behind – The prequel chapter that gives more of a background on Ellie.
  • Abandoned Territories & Reclaimed Territories –  Eight multiplayer maps.
  • Grounded Mode – A harder single-player difficulty mode.

The blog states that The Last Of Us GOTY will be priced at €39.99, and a UK price isn’t actually present in the post. The Last Of Us has proved incredibly popular and has won Game Of The Year votes from various sites, including us as it was our winner in 2013, beating the likes of Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite.

Source: PS Blog



  1. piss take springs to mind!
    they are really milking this now!
    this should be a budget title now not £30’s worth.

  2. A worthwhile purchase if you haven’t played it yet although it’s a shame they couldn’t have released it alongside the HD remaster launch. Many people will have already picked it up for PS3 recently due to being exposed to the hype for the HD remaster. Some of them will be grinding their teeth about now.

  3. Well…lucky (stupid) me I haven’t played it yet. :P
    Before I will move to a PS4 I will play this. Or will a similar bundle come to the PS4 ?

    • PS4 already has it, it’s called remastered basically GOTY

      • Then I might hold out for a PS4 version. I have such a huge backlog that right now I’m playing Arkham Asylum (PS+).

  4. I have still barely played the remastered edition on PS4.
    I might jump back on it this afternoon actually :)

  5. Cheap move
    Should have released the same time as the PS4 version. Oh but that could have impacted upgrading to a PS4 as well. So let’s delay it.
    Can’t argue with their marketing tactics but it’s still a bit low

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