Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass Trailer Shows Exclusive Atlas Gorge Map

A new trailer for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been released, with this one focusing on the game’s Season Pass.  Most of the emphasis looks at the exclusive Atlas Gorge map, available from launch, which looks to have a mix of levels from buildings overlooking the forecourt area, to underground storage locations that are quite cramped. The trailer has another look at the multiplayer and the soldiers that are jumping very high, and sliding around very fast.


The Season Pass will include four map packs called Havoc, Ascendance, Supremacy, and Reckoning. There will also be bonus DLC weapons available for the pass holders. The Season Pass is priced at $50 while the individual map packs will cost $15. A price for UK and European prices wasn’t detailed.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is out November 4th on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. However those buying the Day Zero edition will be able to play from the 3rd.

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  1. Day Zero playable from the 3rd? Odds on PSN crashing that day and it being impossible to play due to “unforseen demand”??!

  2. This just isn’t the Call of Duty I’m used to, from the days of Big Red One. Even from the trailers is looks like an absolute jump-fest and is ridiculously fast-paced. I don’t think it will be long before people are moaning and they’ll introduce a non-jumping playlist/game mode.

    I used to love sneaking around in CoD4/[email protected]/MW2, trying to plant a bomb, or sit in a corner tensely defending a position, waiting for someone to attack. Now it’s run-and-gun, like everyone is trying to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    It’s not that I hate Call of Duty, in fact I really like it, but I just want a good one, with dedicated servers. This one isn’t for me.

    • I too kind of miss that feeling from COD4 and MW2 specifically, but these seems to be going in a different direction entirely, one that I actually don’t mind. It’s getting alot of shit but it’s actually reminding me of alot of old school arena shooters, which means that you will now easily distinguish the good players from the average and not very good ones. Some will find that a problem but I’m liking it, should make for a good competitive game tbh.

      • Guess you’re lucky if you like the way it’s going. I do like a good arena shooter – Quake 3 was my favourite for a long time – but I want a more tactical approach from my military shooter. Hopefully with the 3 CoD developers we might get a better range of CoDs. Although a current day one would be my preference (without all these fancy futuristic gadgets), I’d even settle for another WW2 one! :)

    • I think in this video there jumping around for the hell of it just to show it off,most of the videos i’ve watched of people playing early access play it pretty similar to regular CoD just jumping over the odd obstacle,SHOCK HORROR there was even people sitting in rooms not jumping or anything waiting for people to run in!,i didn’t mind Titanfall which involved a fair bit of jumping an gunning can still see me getting my arse kicked quite often on this possibly ;D

      • I guess I’m just an old guy set in his ways – having played Big Red One on PS2, CoD3, MW, [email protected] and MW2 on PS3 – it’s just changed so much. Aside from the jumping I’m just not as keen on the pace and futuristic stuff. Will see what next Novembers’ CoD brings! ;)

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