Valkyria Chronicles Coming To PC

Originally released six years ago exclusively on PlayStation 3, SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles is now making its way to PC, the publisher has confirmed. Despite its age and limited commercial success, Valkyria Chronicles has gone on to garner a surprising amount of airtime, even today.

Set during a fictional conflict that draws inspiration from World War II, the Japanese strategy RPG was lauded for its tactical gameplay and stunning watercolour visuals. Although fondly remembered as one of the system’s best exclusives, Valkyria Chronicles fell off the grid after the release of a PSP-only sequel.


A PC port was originally spotted after being rated by PC with a launch date set for October 16th. Since then SEGA has come forward:

Like many of the publisher’s other titles, gamers should expect to see Valkyria Chronicles on Steam. Whether or not it’s just a simple port or will feature bonus content has yet to be established.



  1. Well I’m in! Now my PS3 has been retired to the great loft in the sky, this looks like the perfect way to get that Valkyria hit I’ve been jonesing for.

  2. This is brilliant. Utterly fantastic game.

  3. Lucky PC gamers, this is an absolute classic, brilliant stuff. I hope they will consider porting it to the PS4 or Vita one day. I’d definitely play it again.

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