WeView Verdict: The Last Of Us: Remastered

We’re a day late with this, but that’s because we wrote it, released it on another site, and then wrote it again adding 1080p visuals and some extra content. This is not just any WeView; this is the remastered version. Not really, but could you imagine? Releasing something and then making it better and releasing it again soon after?

Anyway, we all asked you last week what you thought of The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4. That’s the current generation version of one of the last generation’s greatest games, so the comments were bound to be positive.

“I’ve left the campaign half way through” says Tony C. “I’m not a massive fan of the single player gameplay, it was the story that made it excellent and once you’ve experienced that, well it doesn’t change the 2nd time does it?” He’s right – it’s not like The Walking Dead where you can change your actions, but I’d say it’s worth experiencing again, like watching your favourite movie or TV series more than once. Each to their own, I guess, and wonkey-willy agreed, stating that “it took away the thrill”.

“In my opinion, its worth a second playthrough for people who played it first time” says cam_manutd, comparing it to “Final Fantasy 7, Super Mario, Half Life” in terms of being timeless. Double-o-dave stated that there was an “unbelievable difference” with the 60fps and 1080p visuals, while psychobudgie stated that the “visual improvement is a quantum leap”.

Severn2j stated that they “loved it on PS3 and love it even more on PS4” while Youles praised the multiplayer: “Even if you you’ve finished it on PS3, the multiplayer still provides enough longevity to justify re-buying it”. “Online seems even better, tighter and still fresh” said MrJimmy, agreeing with Youles’ comments. “Multiplayer was quite unique and enjoyable, particularly when played with a friend or two” said Eldave0.

“I enjoyed the story much more this time and I was able to take in things that I had missed when I played the game twelve months ago on the PS3.” stated JR, who uses the “favourite movie” comparison which I used earlier, and one which Pitcher-T also shared. Colmshan1990 really enjoyed playing it again too, summing it up with: ” It’s that perfect game again. But it looks better. And has more content. Even that fantastic single-player DLC. It’s also cheaper than most PS4 games.” meanwhile KillaScorp said “This has to be one of the best games I have ever played.” after missing it on PS3.

“The remaster feels like *this* is the game Naughty Dog wanted to make for PS3 but were technically limited by the ageing hardware.” said Lyts1985, a fact which Naughty Dog have echoed themselves. “I got into it a lot more playing it on the PS4 for some reason” said Ouninpohja, they’re still trying to work that one out, but it’s probably because of the shiny new hardware. “Remastered feels like a Blu Ray upgrade of an old VHS” says Jag, so that could also be the reason.

Foxhound_Solid summed up (almost) everyone’s thoughts on the game nicely:

The Last of Us. The greatest game there has ever been. Emotionally and graphically it’s vast and layered. The journey is much more than simply getting from A to B. It’s loaded with twists and sinister turns and gives you a glimpse into the thought of humanity. The collapse of it, tied in with the glimmer of hope you will begin to harbour for your back foot duo.

Discounting votes for those who had only played the original, and who said they were waiting for it to drop in price, everyone voted Buy It for The Last of Us: Remastered, with a total of eighteen votes. That’s very impressive.. Well, aside from Tony who votes for both Buy It and Avoid It, which is something that we never said you could do…

That’s the last of it, then. We’re moving on to Bound By Flame tomorrow, and there’s a new poll for you to vote with below…




  1. Good result, that’s sealed the deal for me. I had a used copy on my PS3 and was unsure about forking out again, but I think cam-manutd is spot on comparing it to Half-Life and FF7. The Last of Us is a beautifully told story held up by very good gameplay, all crafter by a developer with great pedigree (no pun intended) and integrity. I think I’ll go and buy it now.

  2. I can’t see myself ever playing this version. It’s not that good that I’d re-buy it even for the multiplayer. A cosmetic overhaul means really very little, the same applying to Tomb Raider and GTA V remasters. It’s all Polyfiller to the proper next gen releases in my opinion.

    • The visual improvements – particularly frame rate – in MP are so noticeable. Admittedly it’s not necessarily worth paying £40 for, but definitely a worth-while exercise remastering it, I for one am pleased I bought it again. Am looking forward to trying photo mode too, and playing with a DS4 over my creaky DS3 is also nice. :)

      • It’s the commentaries which are my favourite addition.

        And that multiplayer isn’t splintered into haveDLC/noDLC groups anymore.

      • That’s true about the DLC not being split, much better map variety for everyone.

      • I am surprised by the popularity of the remaster. I’m perhaps one of the few that isn’t impressed by it.

        Good to hear about the DLC/no DLC groups. That made a terrible splinter in the player base on PS3. There were times when I could hardly find anyone to play the DLC 1 maps with.

    • I bought it purely because I didn’t complete the SP the first time round. Glad I did. Funnily enough, I just don’t get the MP. I really suck at it. Maybe should practice more.

  3. Nice one Tony ;)

  4. Wasn’t a fan of the controls, thought the AI was very poor at times and unfortunately found the story to be quite predictable.

    I know a lot of people rave about this game but I tho it wasn’t in the same league as the latest Tomb Raider or Uncharted 2.

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