Resogun Gets Pumpkins And Moustaches, Photo Mode And New Levels Teased

Loading up Resogun over the next few days will get you a couple of extra goodies for free, namely the Scarecrow and Skeleton Human variants. PlayStation are also one of the official partners of Movember so during the month of November there is also a “Mo Bro” human to download, also free of charge.

The PlayStation blog has also posted a picture taken from from some forthcoming Resogun DLC which will celebrate the anniversary of the game.

“To whet your appetite, here’s a screenshot of a human, dressed like a commando, shooting never before seen ships in a new environment at an angle that could only be possible using some sort of photo mode perhaps? Take from that what you will,” said Ian Pickle  from XDev Studio Europe.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Right, I’m going to be cheeky here and ask a question about Resogun that has nothing to do with this story. How the hell do you actually play this game? I genuinely don’t get it. Am I to save the humans? Does it matter? I’ve tried playing it a few times and just don’t have a clue what I am doing.

    I will admit that the couple of times I’ve played it, I may have been slightly intoxicated. I’m sure that never helped.

    • If you’re playing the normal version, destroy the ‘keepers’ (the aliens with a greenish glow) and that unlocks one of the imprisoned green men (so called humans) who you need to collect and take to the greenish transporter tractor beam thing and thats about it.
      I had no idea what the hell I was doing on it for days ’til someone explained it to me.

      • I kind of picked up on that but then couldn’t bloody work out how to pick people up. Then realised it’s only certain humans that “unlock”. By the time I found them, that voice would shout at me about them dying. The copius amounts of beer I had drunk made it all a very stressfull situation.

        Saying that, the fact you’ve confirmed what I thought, I might just go give it another go.

  2. Oh, I thought the moustaches thing was a cheeky swipe at the ongoing requests for beards in destiny, but Movember actually makes much more sense.

    Although I don’t think that sticking a moustache on a video game character will get the same kind of donations as actually growing one yourself.

  3. Interesting idea to release celebratory free DLC for a game’s release anniversary. Anyone any ideas for what DriveClub could release in a year’s time?

    • The PS Plus version I suspect!

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