Ubisoft Are Selling Twice As Many Games On PS4 Compared To Xbox One

Ubisoft have released some financial data that show the PlayStation 4 versions of the their games are outselling Xbox One games by a factor of over two to one.

PlayStation 4 versions of Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV and other titles account for 32% of all sales whereas the Xbox One versions only account for 15%. It’s slightly better news for Microsoft on the legacy consoles where Xbox 360 sales account for 14% but this is still beaten by the PlayStation 3, which accounts for 17% of all games.



You can see how fast the gaming landscape has changed by checking the numbers from last year in the column on the far right. Before the launch of the new consoles Microsoft were on top with the  Xbox 360 on 29% and the PS3 on 24%. Oddly, Ubisoft have sold more games on Wii than the Wii U in the last six months.

In the coming weeks Ubisoft will release The Crew, Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Rogue, their strongest Christmas line up for years. The company expects sales for these games to amount to around €730 million, up a massive 40% compared to last year.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. A quick at the numbers really shows how many Xbox 360 owners moved over to the PS4. The only reason (other than giving up on gaming) that the 360 last year led the race last year but is now the lowest out of the 4 most popular consoles (360, One, PS3 & PS4).

    Interesting read anyway.

  2. All the more reason that they don’t let this “resolution-gate” for parity get out of hand with future releases considering it is their largest customer base (bite the hand that feeds etc). Each console should be developed for their own strengths and not just lazy ports to the lowest denominator.

  3. Maybe just maybe the reason Ubisoft games sell so well on Playstation is because the adverts are plastered with PS, that’s like saying CoD sells 2:1 on xbox consoles than ps cause the advert is always been associated with xbox just like ubi games are associated with playstation

    • I think the only person who can provide proper analysis of these figures is Mr Blighty.

      • What a shame he’s been banned.

        Will be interesting to see the PS4/XB1 CoD:AW sales figures later next year.

      • I hate to admit it, but in an odd sense I kinda miss him. Starman will be devastated. ;)

      • I thought he’d been a bit quiet of late.

        I’m with you double-o-dave, i found his posts rather enjoyable. Perhaps someone should compile a ‘top ten’ of his bonkers comments in honour of him.

      • Destiny initially looks like it has a similar split to these results but I agree, I think the CoD AW results will be interesting, especially given Microsoft’s DLC timed exclusivity deal.

      • Top 10 would be good. In a way Blighty was like a division of Sony Entertainment.

      • I can probably sum stuff up in his words;

        “PlayStation is King”
        “Microsoft are evil & want to eat your children”
        “Sony have never done anything wrong & if they have it’s because Microsoft probably paid them off to do it”

        That about the size of it?

      • Ah kind of miss Mr. Blighty, if anything he provided some hilarious entertainment.

      • His memory will be with us forever. Until next week when he’ll show up with a new account.

      • Devastated. Maybe he’s going to make his own website free of control from Microsofts big sack (of money).

    • Let’s see when CoD releases (next month?)
      The last CoD sold more on the PS4 than the xb1 but that was early days.
      How this one performs will be interesting, if the ps4 massively outsells the xb1 version then that theory will take a bit of a kick in the teeth.

  4. Well the PS4 has sold around double the Xboxone so I’d expect this is the same on most games.

    Personally I think more 360 owners are yet to buy either new console yet. More people on my psn friends are now on ps4, whereas there’s still a lot on 360.

  5. with party chat and other bits on the PS4, I don’t see a reason to have an Xbox to be honest. The games aren’t that great compared to Sonys exclusives either.

    • I’m kind of jealous of Sunset Overdrive and Horizon 2 but otherwise I agree!
      I’m hoping Overdrive comes to PC like Ryse and Dead Rising did.

      • Well there was that leaked ad that was a ‘mistake’ annoying the game as exclusive to PC and Xbone. Personally I don’t see how, if a game was only every intended for the xbone, you can make that sort of mistake in designing an ad. No, my guess is the add is a premade one and the wrong one got put out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see SSO come to PC before long. MS seem really keen on buying exclusive for the holiday season. We’ll see the same with Tomb Raider for the ‘holiday season 2015’ and ultimately this is the first time Insomniac has owned their IP, my guess is they’ll want as much revenue out of it as possible. But if they have some sort of finite exclusivity with the xbone they’re not gonna say so yet.

      • *announcing.

  6. Sadly these numbers make me think they’re going to stop supporting PS Vita.
    Rayman Legends and Child of Light were both brilliant on the system and it’s a shame they didn’t bring Valiant Hearts over too.
    You can’t say they didn’t give it a decent go, after all AC Liberation can’t have been cheap to make.
    In positive news it’s good to see how significant PC sales are, they’re close to PS3 and 360 numbers. The latest quarter shows PC to have twice as many sales as the One!
    Given the PS4 vs One numbers Microsoft must have paid an awful lot to make Tomb Raider an exclusive! (I realise it’s a different publisher but we’ve also seen this trend with Destiny sales.)

    • As a TR fan I was initially outraged over the exclusivity deal but ive had times now to look Witt with some objectivity. Shortly after the exclusivity Phil Spencer said that they’re looking to expand into franchises that they don’t have yet and this was one of their main reasoniings behind getting exclusivity to TR for that period: so that they have a competitor to Uncharted as this is the first time that a TR game has ever been put into competition with and uncharted game. I think really MS has paid to ensure the Xbox versions are completed first and earlier so that they can have an uncharted competitor, just like they now have an infamous competitor with Sunset Overdrive. So while we know money has changed hands I don’t think it will be as much as people have thought so far as rather than pay to lock out PS and PC for 6 months, I think they’ve just paid to make sure the Xbox versions are completed 6 months earlier. I don’t think we sold have gotten the game before 2016 had MS not stepped in mirroring a release date in March like the reboot, which was postponed from November to march.

  7. Funny, it is not really that odd. Considering Ubisoft didn’t release even ONE game the entire quarter for Wii U, how could they have any profit. They should be happy with that 1% from Nintendo fans.

    Ubisoft and EA belong together. They deserve to make babies with one another.

    • Well it would be pretty cool if I could enter Battlefield as Altair, spike someone in the back of the neck and take their doggy tags.

  8. And yet Ubisoft still bites the hand that feeds them by gimping the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed Unity to match the lame XB1. Not trying hard enough to take full advantage of the hardware is the same as physically gimping the hardware. It all adds up to the same result no matter what Ubisoft claim.

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