What We Played: Borderlands, Sunset Overdrive & The Walking Dead

Getting in the mood for Halloween, this week I decided to root through Sony’s dead good digital discounts, bagging myself a pass for Season Two of The Walking Dead. Having fallen in love with the original five episodes, I originally shied away from Season Two, convinced that whatever Telltale pulled out of the bag would pale in comparison to Lee’s journey. I’m glad I bit the bullet, however, given the number of ways Season Two has already surprised me. Although slow-starting, the choices available seem to cut deeper, the developer also doing a grand job of creating well-rounded (and often) divisive characters.

Following last week’s brief tease, I finally decided to jump back into DOTA 2. Unsurprisingly, nothing has changed since I originally decided to pack it in two/three months ago. There may have been a slight reworking of the map and a new character but it’s still the same, carrying the same old problems too. Having played a handful of matches, I’m satisfied that I can now balance DOTA 2 with the rest of the games I play, instead of devoting entire afternoons to it.

Finally, I’ve been playing Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed for the PlayStation Vita. It’s equal parts refreshing and mental, tasking players with bringing down a vampire cult stalking Akihabara. Also known as “Synthisters” they can walk in daylight, thanks to the protective gear they wear. So, how better to defeat them than to strip them down to their undies? I’m sure you want to hear more so keep an eye out for next week’s review!

Our Dom has had a good week’s gaming, courtesy of Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive:

It’s genuinely one of the best games I’ve played for a while, and I actually wrestled with giving it a 10, despite its few flaws. I also managed to be 23rd in the world for traversals for a brief period, though that was yesterday so I’m probably down in the thousands by now! It’s made my Xbox One purchase totally worthwhile, and having spent more time with it there’s a lot to like about Microsoft’s giant box. In a number of ways it’s beating the PS4, but really that should just help to push Sony to make changes with their system.

He’s also tried his hand at Driveclub although, like many, has had a real issue trying to get the game working online.

Meanwhile, Blair managed to complete Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel:

That was genuinely a lot of fun, as I’m sure I mentioned in my review. I played it on PC, and there’s no local co-op but I managed to find a mod which not only allowed me to play it locally, but on both my screens. I’ve just upgraded my PC, and this mod meant I had to run two instances of the game at once, it handled it really well at 60fps on both screens so I’m very happy with that.

Through a little bit of PlayStation witchcraft, he was also able to play The Evil Within – without even owning a copy of the game! Using the PS4’s SharePlay feature, he jumped into Tuffcub’s pre-existing session, right in the midst of tough boss fight – nice troll, TC!

If you’re not too busy trick or treating, drop us a line and let us know what you’ve been playing.



  1. Got Peggle 2 platinum! Then got about 3/4 of way through Unfinished Swan, but on PS4 this time. Wife did a bit of Singstar, poor neighbours.

    • Congrats on that plat ;) doubt i’ll achieve it.

      • It’s easy if you buy the dlc levels, as that gives you an extra 60 optional objectives to try towards getting 180.

  2. I picked up the platinum for Sleeping Dogs DE in the early hours of Monday morning,also picked up the slightly easier platinum for The Walking Dead season one also PS4 in the early hours of this morning,in between i’ve played a bit of Plants vs Zombies and Peggle 2 a tiny bit of Battlefield and a few rounds of Mario Golf World Tour.

    • Well done on your play of TWD. So you beat me

      • We both know it’s not the winning it’s the taking part that counts lol,always nice to pick up an easy plat congrats on yours also ;)

      • Haha yes I want to win. Damn you fatigue! Don’t forget to post in the fastest platinum on the forums or I will get it in there lol. At least we get a shiny new platinum each. Thanks BTW.

      • Cheers never posted in fastest section before but have now ;)

  3. I got platinum out of TWD Ps4 this afternoon. Also played Freedom wars, Unfinished swan and SingStar.

  4. I’ve been digging into NFS Rivals on the PS4. It seems to be more of a remake of Hot Pursuit than a game in its own right, but that’s fine with me because it’s bloody good fun. it’s just a shame about the cack soundtrack.

  5. Still mainly Diablo on PS4, up to paragon 237 now and I also levelled up a demon hunter to 70 as I had previously only used that class in hardcore mode.
    Also have had a few quick blasts of Driveclub, Peggle 2 and Race the Sun.
    I’ve also been playing quite a bit of Fantasy Life on 3DS, have reached Legend rank on 2 lives, Hero on another 5 and Master on the remaining 5.

    • Dedication’s what you need,if you wanna be Recorddd Breakerrrr ;)

  6. Just more destiny for me this week. Still trying to get a decent couple of weapons,so I can finally try and have a crack at the raid.

  7. Driveclub, i’m feeling the pressure on the semi-pro tour event but have been enjoying replaying earlier events to get the stars i missed first time around.
    Also Minecraft, and after countless hours playing the PS3 and PS4 version, i experienced thunder and lightning for the first time- it was incredible! How sad is that.. :/
    I checked out Battle Islands, played the first few levels and i think it’s a game that will make you wait around doing nothing (up to six minutes in my case) unless you are willing to speed things up via microtransactions.

  8. Played through Resi4 for the 100th time this week. Still my favourite game of all time and thoroughly enjoyable. Just a Professional run to go to 100% the trophies.

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