New Alone In The Dark: Illumination Trailer Released

Pre-orders for the most confusingly named title of the year – Alone In The Dark: Illumination – have today gone live on Steam, and to accompany the news Atari have released a new trailer.


The official press release accompanying the video states “Alone in the Dark: Illumination is a third-person action-horror game that brings interesting new twists and gameplay including the power of illumination, 4-player cooperative multiplayer mode, and…”

Alone in the Dark, featuring co-op and illumination. Go home Atari, you’re drunk.

And now, for some reason, I have a rather obscure 1990’s children’s TV theme stuck in my head.

Source: Press Release (mostly)



  1. I hope this is another ‘good’ horror game to add on the list! Bringing back the childhood memories with that cartoon lol

  2. Looks pretty good. Hope they bring it to ps4.

  3. Alone in the Dark.

    …But not quite alone, you’ll have three other people with you.

    • And you can turn on the lights!

    • “Not So Alone In A Well Lit Environment” didn’t quite have the same ring to it ;)

  4. Well this looks just awful.

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