Podcast: Episode 160 – Jet Car Stunts, Football Manager and Civilization

Clearly the fates were with us this week, as all four regular podcast hosts managed to make this recording. I mean sure, Lewis didn’t arrive until the last twenty minutes of the podcast, but still, we were all there eventually.

Unfortunately Lewis’ late arrival meant this episode is somewhat lacking in the quiz department, but there’s still plenty for you to listen to. To start with there’s the news, which focused on the recent Destiny expansion news and Marvel’s announcement of all of their phase three films. There’s also a very special announcement from Kev at the end of the news, so make sure you pay attention to that.

Beyond that, Peter tells us about his time playing Civilization: Beyond Earth and Football Manager 2015 side by side, while Kev returns to the joys of Minecraft. Personally, I’ve been playing a bit of Jet Car Stunts, a game I find incredibly frustrating. Finally, Lewis’ short appearance on the podcast is mostly spent defending his views on Shadow of Mordor.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. You guys really talked a lot about the Marvel movies. I was surprised :)

    And after all that…


  2. After seeing the price of the DLC I was so happy I bought the Limited Edition, where I have the first two add-ons included. A bit expensive I must say, I hope they deliver their value in terms of fun and content. Based on those two I might consider my future in Destiny. If like you said, the story bit is not pushed a bit more to the front or the content included will not excite me very much, then I think I will drop the game. With my PS3 broken, I have played Destiny extensively and I’m getting a bit bored with it. In addition, most of my Destiny mates are really crazy about it (3 characters etc.) and I feel like it’s starting to be a bit to much for me. I mean either I don’t play anything else and keep on grinding Destiny to keep up, or I quit. Well it all depends on how the first two DLC will look, so I’m looking really forward to them.

    I like the MARVEL movies but come on, second episode talking about them? :P Looking forward to them. Not because I think they are cinema masterpieces, but good ones to watch, while having a bear or something alike. What I have to say is that listening to Kris talking about the MARVEL universe is very interesting. Nice knowledge about basically every character and item from the comics. Anyway, MacGuffin? Never heard of that and nice to hear what it is :D Never imagined I could learn something so interesting from a TSA podcast :P

    WOW! Now that’s a bomb dropped in the middle of the episode :p Congratulations from Poland.

    No. Must resist checking out Minecraft. Done.

    I’m glad my question about the podcast topics turned into a “what did you eat question?” :P Anyway here I was just about saying that the podcasts are getting a bit boring and here comes Lewis to the rescue xD An very polite way to express his feelings regards a listener xD Loved it. This should really become a must have in the podcasts. “Q&A with Angry Lewis”.

  3. I have started listening to this podcast recently on my way to work and I have to say I’m hooked. I’m currently listening to this on holiday and I’m laughing hysterically at Lewis’s rant on Shadow of Mordor (who I very much agree with) around the pool, inviting very perculiar looks from the other pool goers.

    Keep it up guys, best podcast I’ve listened to in ages.

    • Finally someone who agrees! :-)

      Glad you’re enjoying them.

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