Reports Suggest That Day Zero Digital Editions Of CoD: Advanced Warfare Are Relocking

Last night the Day Zero version of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare unlocked for those who pre-ordered that version, giving these players a 24 hour window to play the game before everyone else. However, there are threads popping up over the net suggesting that PS4 players are being met with a countdown screen when trying to play, even after they had spent time playing Advanced Warfare during the night. It looks like something believes that these players have the Day One edition instead, which will unlock at midnight tonight.

These reports are appearing on the PlayStation forum and the Call Of Duty forums too, with people stating that they have lost access and they aren’t happy about it.


So I pre-ordered COD:AW on PS4 digitally, the Day Zero Edition. I already started playing at 9 pm on November 2, now its 5:40 AM November 3, and it’s making me wait another 17 hours, any fixes? – DeezyG (CoD Forum)

I purchased the $99.99 bundle a few weeks ago which I have been lead to believe included a Day Zero early release which is supposed to be ACCESSABLE on 11/3/2014 at Midnight eastern. It is 12:26 ET currently and now the timer is at ONE DAY PLUS AN HOUR AND A HALF?! – PS Forum

A fix seems to have appeared though with the solution being that if affected you’ll have to delete and reinstall the game, which should tell the servers that you own the Day Zero edition.

UPDATE: Sony have updated their knowledge centre with the age old solution of turning it off and on again.

Pre-load / Pre-order Update:

If you pre-loaded CoD: Advanced Warfare and you’re experiencing issues with the game, follow the steps below.

Re-download steps

  1. Restore PS4 licences. [Settings] > [PSN] > [Restore License]. If this doesn’t solve the issue continue to step 2.
  2. Go to Library, highlight Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and press Options.
  3. Delete Game Content.
  4. While still in the Library highlight Call of Duty: AW and press X to re-download the content.

Please ensure you download all available updates for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and your system is running the latest system software.

Source: PlayStation Forums/Call Of Duty Forum



  1. Delete and reinstall what, 50gb? Not really a fix for most as that would take longer than just waiting until tomorrow! The amount of fuck ups these days on release is getting ridiculous now.

    • Yes.. ridiculous n it seems like these companies don’t believe in compensation as if we are all borrowing free services

  2. I have the Digital edition and it’s working perfectly played last night played a bit earlier and playing it now,this issue may be true but i think some people are just making shit up now just to find something to moan about or try and make company’s look bad.

  3. “get access to day zero that you have already paid for by getting the season pass. Season pass will last you 3 Days, then you will need a term pass, a year pass, a bus pass, a fishing permit, an Activision season pass, own 3 original Atari 2600 Activision games (not including Pitfall). *”

    *Activision reserves the right to relock OUR content without notice and to charge you to reunlock it. Failure to pay to reunlock it will lead to a pigeon infested with ebola being posted to your billing address

    • you missed out hall pass mate!

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