Video: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review Chat

You might have noticed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare came out today – for those that pre-ordered or found a shop to sell a little early, anyway. You might also have found our review which went live earlier this morning, but thought to yourself, “Boy, I sure do wish this here review had some of those fancy new fangled moving pictures that I’ve heard so much about!”

Well, we’re here to please, so Peter and I sat down and had a good long chat about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. So long, in fact that we’ve split it up into two distinct videos, one for those of you who want to know if the single player is worth their time and one for those who just want to hear about the multiplayer with a dash of co-op thoughts thrown in the end.


These videos and the review from earlier today were taken from playing the game at a dedicated two day review event. Travel and accommodation was provided by Activision, and this naturally featured relatively idealised playing conditions ahead of launch.



  1. The multiplayer is very much Crysis 2/3 by the sounds of it. Extended jumping, enhanced sprinting, cloaking, verticality of maps, it’s all Crysis. It isn’t a bad thing as such, but with the speed of CoD I do wonder whether it’ll work well.

    I do enjoy these video review chats. They’re more explicative than standard video reviews.

    • Thanks for the nice feedback about the videos, fella. Glad to know that we’ve got at least one person that likes them. ;-)

      Actually, if there’s any further feedback and suggestions from anyone, I’d like to hear on how we can improve them further.

      • Unicorns & Rainbows?

        & smut. Smut’s always good. ;)

      • Only feedback I have is to keep doing them. I don’t have a brilliant attention span with large written reviews, and they, like video reviews, can’t cover all the little niche details that these video chats cover.

        The Far Cry 4 one a couple of weeks back was great as well.

  2. First time i’ve seen the videos,really enjoyed them.

    • Same for me. I am seriously considering getting this game. These exoskeletons and the fast movement they grant sound very good. I remember Tribe Ascend how difficult it was to play fluidly. I loved it nonetheless, but maybe this CoD game nailed it just right.

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