CoD: Advanced Warfare’s Campaign Runs At A Smoother Frame Rate On Xbox One

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn’t always running at a full resolution of 1920×1080 on Xbox One, instead scaling down to 1360×1080 in higher intensity action sections of the campaign, making for blurrier edges on geometry in the environment.

But it does have a smoother frame rate during the campaign on Microsoft’s console – the constant full 1080p on the PS4 version means that the frame rate drops down to low 50s and even high 40s when using threat grenades. As a drop in frame rate can be considered more noticeable during moments of intense action than a scaling resolution, this could be problematic.

The video below – part of Digital Foundry’s report – shows the differences in frame rate and visuals between the two versions, and can of course be viewed at 1080p60 thanks to YouTube’s support for higher frame rates within the Chrome browser.


Update: For the purposes of clarity, we should note that this article from Digital Foundry pertains primarily to the single player campaign – and we’ve tweaked the above wording to reflect this – in which dropped frames and variability are not as big a deal compared to the multiplayer side of things. Their initial look at the multiplayer suggests that the Xbox One limits itself to 1360×1080 without dynamic scaling, while both platforms are generally held to the 60fps mark. We’ll have to wait for the full Face Off for a final analysis, however.



  1. Not really shocking considering how exclusive cod is to xbox & probably was developed on Xbox instead of ps

  2. This site seems to knock all things Sony a lot lately.

    • I thought it was just me thinking that. Glad someone else is.

    • It’s hardly a knock. They’re merely reporting the facts.

      • Fair enough.
        However I’d then expect similar articles for every other multiplat release … and I’ve not seen that so far.
        Yet the one multiplat this gen that performs better (from a FPS perspective) on the XB1 and there’s an article on it within 24 hours of launch.
        That’s … unexpected … based on reporting history

        Based on this my expectation is they now “merely report the facts” about every other game that comes out on both platforms.
        The big question is whether this will happen or if this is a one-off

      • Well, don’t have the tools to perform our own frame rate analysis, so we’re reliant on other sites that are able to do this. With that in mind, we’ll likely only pick up on the biggest titles and when there’s an interesting discrepancy.

        Don’t worry though, we might be hard on Sony sometimes, but it’s because we love them and want to see them do better. We don’t talk about Microsoft half as much, but we can be just as critical of them when we do.

      • In which case I have to question why you haven’t reported on the multiplayer performance yet?
        That report has been out a while but radio silence this end. Meanwhile the single player report was posted almost immediately.

        So again, strange how quick this got posted, especially considering this site isn’t prone to posting these kind of articles and ESPECIALLY considering that the multiplayer report has been out for a while without any coverage.

    • It seems the site is not as bias as b4

  3. Actually the framerate drops aren’t that frequent or noticeable on PS4. However the lower resolution, missing effects and screen tearing is noticeable on the Xbone. Honestly I think game site are looking for hits with their headlines. I think the whole PS4 is better headline has become so common that it just doesn’t get the hits anymore.

  4. Well, the Xbone version adjusts its resolution and allows screen-tearing when put under pressure. I suppose it’s not surprising that the PS4 version which does not, gets a less stable framerate.

    They should’ve used the scaling on PS4 as well, just like Wolfenstein it would be less frequently adjusted than the Xbox but still able to help out in tough situations. Or you know, optimised the grenade effects.

  5. This is the tradeoff for Sony insisting on 1080P. As games graphics improve as devs get used to hardware, this may become more common.

    • Or less common, as developers learn the strengths and weaknesses of systems and optimise their engines. Keep in mind this is effectively the first game running on this engine.

    • CoD is heavily backed by Microsoft, is it not? Can’t help but think that the X1 might be the lead platform with development. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind either way… I’m not buying it on either! :D

      • It is, and probably was. As similar as the systems are in architecture, the OS, Drivers and code (DirectX vs a custom OpenGL) are all different and can have a significant effect.

  6. So the PS4 version drops from 60fps to something which is still perfectly acceptable? And the XBone keeps the frame rate unnecessarily high at the expense of looking significantly worse?

    And the muppets at Digital Foundry are desperately trying to claim a win for MS there. Does anyone take them seriously? For the past year they’ve making weird claims like “The PS4 version is hardly any better looking” while simultaneously providing proof of a massive difference in quality. While last generation was “the ps3 version is shit” while providing pictures that looked pretty much the same.

    • To be fair, I’ve read the article and it appears to be void of bias (if you ignore the headline). They explain that they’ve been primarily looking into the single player campaign and the above information is correct with regards to that. However, what disappoints me is that TSA makes no mention of the biggest draw of Call of Duty… the multiplayer.

      No one mentions that, with preliminary testing, Digital Foundry has found that the scalable Xbox One resolution is switched off in multiplayer. You’re locked to the very bottom of that scalable resolution – 1360×1080 – which is just a smidge above 900p when you count pixels. Not just that but both platforms hold very good frame-rates (read: 60FPS) in the multiplayer part of it. It’s only the single player campaign that the above applies to.

      • Additionally, the tagline is literally wrong. It’s not “despite” but “because of”. :-)

      • Indeed i’ve only touched the multiplayer (PS4) so far,upto rank 30 and it’s played great nice and smooth even with my pap Internet,easily the smoothest running nicest look CoD i’ve played nice to finally have a new engine brum brum :)

      • Yes, that should have been made clear in the initial post, and we’ve updated it to clarify.

      • We love you, Tef! You’re the video-gaming equivalent of a high-class prostitute. I feel so well looked after. :-P

      • *leaves money on bedside table*

    • No one in the industry wants the XB1 to fail so you’ll find a lot of these excuse making articles popping up in the coming months.

      If they can convince the console buying public that the XB1 is a desirable, perfectly acceptable alternative to the PS4 not an underpowered, VHS-looking eyesore, the industry as a whole will benefit.

      It’s a shame the PS3 didn’t receive the same favourable treatment when it was struggling last gen but to it’s credit, PS3 was such a great console with so many great new features (bluray, free online, ps plus), that it was able to turn things around without it.

      I very much doubt the XB1 can turn things around in the same way as it doesn’t have any major benefits over the PS4 except games and they both have great games. Hence, excuse making articles.

      • I always thought devs & publishers would love a 1 console industry. Less development costs, implement whatever drm, in game adverts you want as there wouldn’t be an alternative except for PC.

      • To be fair to TSA, it’s happy reporting on it all. Many sites I check do the same. Happy to report when the PS4 is slapping the X1 in a particular multi-plat and equally happy to report when there’s far closer parity.

        This time around, however, I think TSA was just a bit too quick to report on the more sensationalist stuff when there was far more important information to dive into from a “most people buy this game for” perspective.

      • You must have had the sexiest VHS player in town.

      • Xbone is better supported with updates than ps4

      • That’s not my opinion of the XB1. I’m just saying that the way MS handled the XB1 launch is clearly still having an effect on public perception of the console. Less powerful / Fugly / Spy machine etc.

        People are flocking to the PS4 regardless of how many updates they get because it’s percieved to be a better, more powerful console than the XB1.

        And as a result of the increasingly windening sales gap, it seems to me that the gaming media have decided to back off MS and the XB1 whilst being overly critical of anything related to the PS4 in some kind of desperate attempt to level the playing field.

        As others have stated, the PS3 did not receive similar treatment last gen despite having major advantages over the 360. It makes you wonder just how hopeless the XB1 situation really is.

    • I don’t know how lengthy the drops are as I’ve not played the game, but an unstable framerate can be off-putting. The fluctuations can cause a motion-sickness of sorts.

      I’d personally still give the win to Ps4 as there’s no screen-tearing (hate that stuff) and multiplayer is running perfectly from reports.

  7. Only stutters I’ve noticed so far,were during the main cutscene that introduced the 2 characters.
    There were several pauses as it loaded/saved that’s all.
    Haven’t noticed anything else as yet.

  8. errm, I’m pretty sure I’ve just seen both versions drop to 33fps during the highway chase in that video.

  9. Those crushed blacks at the 3min mark for Xbox One are awful!

    • Didn’t notice that. Very interesting. It’s not so much that they look awful but there’s just nothing going on as it’s flat-lined the dark detail into (what looks like) absolute black.

    • All Xbone titles that use the internal upscaler suffers from black-crush. Hopefully Microsoft can patch it at some point.

      • Oh right? Good to know, fella. Thanks for that. :-)

      • Yeah, games rendered in 1080p (output resolution) or using a custom upscaler (there’s a game that does this, but I can’t remember which) look fine.

  10. Pc seems to be suffering the most.Possibly an issue with them still using id tech 3 like last year?,although they claim to have a new rendering system.

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