Killzone Celebrates 10 Years With New DLC, Includes The Radec Academy Map

Guerrilla’s ears must have been burning as it was just days ago I was talking to our esteemed editor about investigating the whereabouts of the last chunk of Season Pass DLC for Killzone Shadow Fall.

The new DLC is part of “several content releases” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Killzone which will also include live playthroughs, interviews and tournaments. Killzone 2’s most popular multiplayer map, the Radec Academy, will be free for everyone marking the third time the area has appeared in Killzone multiplayer as it was also available in Killzone 3 as part of the From The Ashes DLC.

The Academy will also be released as a free cooperative map for Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, along with a second cooperative map known as The Weapons Facility.

For those with cash to splash, or the Killzone Shadow Fall Season pass, there is also a selection of skins and voices as well as the most pointless DLC since horse armour, namely customised crosshairs.

  • 2 New Multiplayer Character Skins
    Customize the look of your multiplayer characters with the ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Special Forces’ uniform options.
  • 2 New OWL Skins
    Matching ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Special Forces’ skins for your combat automata will complement your new look.
  • 2 New Voice Packs
    Change your battle chatter with the hilarious ‘Angry Veteran’ voice pack, or hear what the Killzone Shadow Fall dev team sounds like with the ‘Dev Team’ voice pack.
  • 2 New Player Card Icon Packs
    Give your Player Card some character with the ‘Identity’ Icon Pack, or show off your favorite weapon with the ‘Weapons Of Shadow Fall’ Icon Pack.
  • New Crosshairs Customization
    A new system lets you customize the reticules for all weapons, and the pack comes with seven brand new crosshair sets.

Source: Killzone



  1. So does that mean even if you don’t have the season pass for shadow fall you still get some cooperative maps for free? I was interested in the new coop mode, but not enough to justify purchasing it (given the current backlog of games I have)

    • Yes. But you still have to pay for the co-op mode to use them. I wouldn’t bother tbh it’s a bit pants.

  2. It will be interesting to see if the crosshair customization will allow for other colours and bolder designs. I am colour blind and I do suffer quite a bit in shooters (it was near impossible to play Shadow fall when it first came out)

  3. Best supported gane of this gen

  4. Radec map lol. That was mental in KZ2. Best Killzone game still in my opinion. Didn’t like the new game, apart from the graphics.

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