The Binding Of Isaac Is Free On PS+, Even Though The PSN Store Lists It For £11.99

Just a quick heads up about the latest PlayStation Plus offerings, namely a little glitch with The Binding Of Isaac. If you click on the title on the PS Store on your PS4 you will find the price changes from “Free” to £11.99 and this will probably put you off from downloading the game.



However, if you click on the “Add to cart” button and download the game you will not be charged. Something similar happens on the web store, add the game on there and it will also list it as full price, but proceed past the checkout and you will get the game for free. Hopefully Sony will fix the glitch soon.



  1. Thanks TC, Looks like a good game, will there be a TSA review?

  2. Ha – it’s showing up free for me .. but all the other plus content wants my money.. :/

  3. Just looking at the instant game collection on my phone, this game shows up on the list as free.

    • It is on the IGC, but when you click to download it, it changes to full price.

      • Not for me, mate..

      • I managed to download at 20.39 yesterday using my phone at no cost to me.

  4. £11.99 is a silly price for such a game.

    But then again, I’m not entirely convinced it’s a bargain if you get it for free. It really is quite bad. Not the worst game they’ve given away this month. That accolade belongs to Luftrausers. Which I’m fairly sure they’ve dug up from a dump in New Mexico.

    • At least it can’t be as bad as that new xbone game that truly is sh*t. Possibly the worst game I’ve ever played is that great big pile of shot. Never mind I’ll give Rebirth ago tomorrow.

    • Personally I love this game. I spent countless hours playing it on the PC and when I played it again last night on PS4 I remembered why.

      I can understand why it is not for everyone though and I think I would have felt differently about getting this game on PS+ if I hadn’t have played it years before.

  5. Listed as free under playstation plus I downloaded last night. A fairly boring game imo. However, steam world dig is also free on there which is fairly good as far as indie games go.

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