The Crew, Far Cry 4 And Assassin’s Creed Unity Will Not Be On Steam In The UK

Ubisoft have declined to release their three flagship Christmas games on Valve’s Steam service in the UK, although they will be available via Steam in other regions.

“We’ve been in discussions with Valve about Assassin’s Creed Unity but for the time being the game is not available via Steam in the UK,” Ubisoft told PCGamesN.  The game will be available by way of Ubisoft’s own Uplay store and other independent digital retailers including Gamersgate and GreenManGaming.


No reason has been given for the Steam omission but it may have something to do with Steam’s pricing.  Assassin’s Creed: Unity is available via Uplay and the other stores for £49.99, ten pounds more than the usual top tier price on Steam.

Source: PCGamesN



  1. To be fair to Ubisoft, it would seem silly to have their own dedicated Uplay store and then allow for it to be on steam. If that was the case, what’s the point in Uplay? (Something I’ve often wondered myself)

    Seems like they might miss out on some sales from not being on steam, but fortunately AC and FC4 are sufficiently well known brands to hopefully not affect them. The crew however may suffer for it, in my opinion.

    • I’m happy to pick it up but not for that much. Shit! Hopefully the likes of, will have better prices or I’m out of this one.

      • Not sure about AssUnity, but FC4 can be got via origin for around £18, if you use Hola unblocker to access their India store.

        Of course, you still have the ridiculous situation of having to login via both origin and uplay in order to play your game, but that would’ve been the case for any ubisoft game bought from steam too.

        Which is one of the main reasons I stopped buying ubisoft (and EA) games on PC…

      • SimplyCDKeys has it for 26.99. Obviously if they can afford to sell it at that price and make a profit, and Steam would have sold it for more, Uplay will be making a killing at nearly double the price. This is just one reason I’m not really keen on Ubisoft lately. Too money grabbing for my liking. Though, I wonder why it’s just the UK steam?

  2. Just so Steam users know, they’re exploiting a loophole which closes in January 2015. I believe Valve/Steam is saving 20% of costs at present but this will end. How this will affect prices will be very interesting. :-\

    • What loophole is this?

      • It’s an offshore tax loophole that the government will be sorting out in January (from what I’ve read about it a few months back). As a genuine fan of Steam, it’s a shame to think the prices are going to go up but my threshold for spending won’t shift. It’s either going to be affordable to me or not. I can wait (for the sales). :-)

      • Ah, I see thank you. Hopefully this means certain other companies will have to fall in line too however. Ones I’d be happier to see do so than Steam. I already mainly hold out for the sales, there’s enough of them through the year after all, so it shouldn’t be much different to me. Perhaps they’re looking into other possible loopholes to continue trading in such a way.

  3. If anyone wants a code for the crew beta PS4 then you can have mine below as its not the game for me. I have 4 for XBOX ONE too so if you want one ill post them on here.Im too lazy to type them out.


    • Thanks man I redeem it. You’re a star ;)

    • Another 3 codes for the PS4 version, should anyone want one…


      • I’ve redeemed the bottom one. Thank you :).

      • Well, that’s just weird. Given a choice, you go straight for the bottom.

        But you’re welcome anyway. Weirdo ;)

      • Thanks!

        (I took the middle one by the way)

      • That would be my logic too thinking that people would go straight for the top ones first and avoiding the mad rush go for the bottom ones.

      • Missed the top one,thought it was still there as no one mentioned anything about taking it in the comments.Cheers guys.

  4. No worries, if anyone wants the Xbox One codes let me know and ill post them

    • Hey I would like to have a Xbox one beta code… Thanks in advance Yarg

      • No probs, here you go;


    • Someone must have stolen in Yarg can u send one too my email please…. [email protected]

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