Logic Puzzle Title Sketchcross Announced For Vita, Releasing 2015

Spiky Fish Games has announced puzzle title Sketchcross is coming to Vita in 2015, and it follows the rules of nonogram puzzles. These are conundrums that create pictures as the solution is solved by the player. Sketchcross will also take cues from both sudoku and crosswords, with 50 total puzzles being available when the game launches. After release there will be additional puzzles released both as free content, and paid for packs too.

Sketchcross will support online leaderboards so players can compare completion times, and a frenzy mode where you only get 30 seconds to solve a randomly generated puzzle. Once a puzzle is completed an in game trophy will appear of the picture that was made from solving a problem. The game will support both traditional and touch controls to get those puzzles solved.

Source: Sketchcross.com



  1. I don’t like the look of that trophy in the 4th pic,looks damaged :)

  2. I love games like this. I had one for my DS called Picross 3D and it was mega addictive.

  3. The Vita seems to be the place for these types of games lately.

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