PS Vita Exclusive Puzzle Sketchcross Releasing From April 28th In North America

Late last year Spiky Fish Games announced Sketchcross, a nonogram puzzle game exclusive to the PS Vita. Now the studio has confirmed that the game will be releasing on April 28th, but it looks like that will be for North America only as there is no mention anywhere of a European release. I have got in touch to see if there are plans to release Sketchcross here too.


Spiky Fish Games also confirmed the post release support for Sketchcross, which will see 20 free puzzles released as DLC in June. This trend will continue over the following months as more free puzzle packs will be released to extend the longevity of the game. The studio also announced that PS Plus members will receive a discount during launch week, though the blog doesn’t state how much that will be.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I hope it comes out over here as I really enjoy this type of puzzle game.

  2. They are called nonograms or Japanese crosswords. I am completely obsessed with them, so much fun.

    It does look good but the lack of colour is a real shame. Eventually the black and white become a bit dull but some of those colour ones can take you hours.

    Still, if it comes here, a definite buy from me.

  3. ah, good old classic picross! ;)

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