The Banner Saga Confirmed For PS4 Alongside Kyn, Toren, & Armikrog

Sony has just confirmed four new games that will be at the PlayStation Experience, and in turn announced them for the PS4. These include the well received The Banner Saga by Stoic Studio, Armikrog, Kyn, and Toren. These four games have quite the premises that you’ll be able to experience next year. The Banner Saga is a turned based strategy game set in the Viking era, all styled with 2D animations, and has achieved high ranking scores from a number of critics for its gameplay and story.

Armikrog will is a point and click adventure game that uses stop motion clay animations for gameplay, similar to the looks of Wallace & Gromit, and it has been created by the makers of the Earthworm Jim game. Kyn is a tactical RPG which also uses the Vikings as inspiration, though infused it with magic. Finally Toren is an adventure platformer where you help guide a young girl called Moonchild climb up a dangerous tower, and on the way you’ll have to solve puzzles.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Lovely news. I followed Banner Saga quite closely on the PC and was happy to see such good reviews for it. God knows the art-style deserved attention alone. Will go check out Toren now.

  2. Brilliant. Held off buying TBS on PC and iPad.

  3. Ooh, I’ll likely check out The Banner Saga now!

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