This War Of Mine Releases This Friday November 14th

Earlier this year you may remember reading a news story about a game called This War Of Mine, whose premise is focusing on the civilian plight of surviving a warzone. Now 11 Bit Studios has confirmed it will will release this Friday, November 14th on PC. This War Of Mine will look at people working together to survive, as well as people turning against each other as supplies become scarce. It looks like people will kill each other so they can secure safety for themselves, and those they care about.


The story of the game itself has been inspired by the real events of a man the team read about, who had to survive war torn conditions. This War Of Mine has the potential to be quite poignant, looking at a side of war that is confined to news reports while games focus on the soldiers.

Source: 11 Bit Studios



  1. Ah man I wish this was coming to PS4, looks and sounds stunning.

    • Same, it looks quite special. Will hopefully hear they are porting it across soon.

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