Geoff Keighley Funding New Game Awards Show Himself

Following his announcement of the new video game awards ceremony, popular television and internet personality Geoff Keighley has revealed that funding for the show is coming right out of his own pocket.

He admitted that they’re selling some sponsorships on the show, but aside from that the entire thing is being bankrolled directly by him, in addition to his already announced role producing the event. The event is taking place at the Planet Hollywood AXIS Theatre in Vegas, and he hopes to cover the cost of renting the space through the $45 tickets to the event that went on sale earlier this week.


Aside from sponsorships and ticket sales, there isn’t much of a safety net for Keighley. Initially wanting to launch a Kickstarter for the event, he admitted that he felt a little awkward about that idea, and preferred to try and prove that he could take this on himself. The event happens On December 5th, with Sony’s Playstation Experience event happening the day after, also in Vegas. We’ll find out then if Keighley manages to pull this off.

Source: Polygon