Weekend Round-Up: All The News From PlayStation Experience And Game Awards

It has been a rather busy weekend here on TSA and a lot of news has vanished off the front page as there has been so much of it, so for one day only I shall be slipping in to the comfortable brogues of John Craven and presenting a Newsround (up).

PlayStation exclusives had a strong showing with the first gameplay for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, a new trailer and a new cinematic for The Order: 1866, and Hayden Panettiere being chased by a pschotic clown in Until Dawn which also got a short trailer from The Game Awards. Super Stardust Ultra has been announced for PlayStation 4 whilst Resogun is coming to PS3 and PS Vita and all three versions of that game will get the new Defenders expansion pack.

Probably the biggest news of the weekend was that Street Fighter V has been announced and it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, which will also be graced with Ultra Street Fighter IV which includes all of the previous DLC. Also hitting the headlines was the announcement of a new God of War game, but we won’t be seeing that until at least 2016.

There was a new gameplay trailer for No Man’s Sky and yet another trailer that showed us portals. Unsurprisingly, MLB 15 The Show has been revealed along with new trailers for Tearaway Unfolded and Bloodborne and yet another brand new PlayStation 4 exclusive in the shape of Drawn to Death from God of War chap, David Jaffe.

Indies were present in force including a new game based of one of PlayStation’s oddest IPs, Fat Princess. Giant Sparrow revealed What Remains Of Edit Finch for 2016 and the bonkers Noby Noby Boy team have the equally bizarre Wattam in development. Also coming to PS4 is dungeon blaster Enter the Gungeon, which looks a bit like Gauntlet with guns to us oldies.


Multilpatform titles include a new King’s Quest, The Banner Saga 2, and the hotly anticipated Metal Gear Online. Tacoma is a new game from the team behind Gone Home and the Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons developers have formed a new studio, Hazelight, that is working on a new game for EA. Horses, explosions and swordfighting feature heavily in the trailer for The Witcher III: Wildhunt and ex-CoD chap, Robert Bowling revealed Human Element for PS4 and Xbox One.

Rocksteady concluded the Batman: Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals trailer trilogy and adventure fans will be pleased to know that both acts of Broken Age are coming to PS4 and PS Vita along with Day of the Tentacle Special Edition which is scheduled for PlayStation 4, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux,

Before is coming to PC whilst Adrift is scheduled for consoles, if memory serves me correctly that’s the game being created by the chap from got fired from Microsoft for telling everyone to stop whining about Xbox One being “always on”.

Dungeon Defenders II is coming to PS4 and has recently been released on Steam. Killing Floor 2, Darkest Dungeon, and Orcs Must Die are all coming to PS4  with Orcs Must Die: Unchained, Bastion, Shovel Knight, Geometry Wars: Dimensions and Severed announced for PS Vita. Shovel Knight will come with an exclusive character, Kratos from God of War.

In other news the PC version of Final Fantasy VII is coming to PlayStation 4 and Godzilla is coming to west on both PlayStation’s 3 and 4 and Nintendo managed to sneak in footage of a Wii U game, namely Legend of Zelda. There were also trailers for Battlefield Hardline, Destiny and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Yakuza 5 will be getting a release in the west.

So in summary: Cripes that’s a lot of new games, woohoo!


  1. So much great stuff to look forward to but there was one other game in the keynote which i haven’t seen mentioned here – or at least i can’t find it now. It was a multiplayer physics based brawler, differently coloured characters that seemed made of rubber and fought while traversing various precarious locations such as a moving ferris wheel etc. That looked hilarious but i can’t remember what it was called.

    • Gang Beasts. I can’t wait for it either.

      Apparently 4J showed off the new “horse update” for PS4 but can’t find mention of it in the net. Shame they didn’t even give an update on The Last Guardian or Gran Turismo 7 though

      • Gangbeasts trailer is in today’s Snatch :)

    • Ah that was it Gang Beasts, cheers thadon and i’ll check back later for the Snatch TC!

  2. Thanks for this round-up, I missed loads of these announcements as the news reel ticked by! Some interesting looking stuff on the horizon. MGS has got to be my most anticipated game of next year, it can’t come fast enough!

    • I was thinking, what a shame that all those news articles get barely a comment because there are so many of them in a short space of time and they are posted outside of regular working hours – ntm during drinking hours ;) . And it’s the same for E3 etc.
      I guess the guys at TSA know by now that with such a flood of news it’s difficult for the rest of us to gather our thoughts and respond to all the articles but they still do a fantastic job on reporting on everything – and they don’t even get paid!

  3. Lots of good stuff during the weekend from Uncharted 4 to the free EA Games which was most welcome. Of course what could have been the biggest highlight-FF7 turned out to be the bane for most.

    Imo, I will be all over it regardless of graphics. I think if a remake does happen (it will) then it will be the scorn of judgement on the internet. Maybe this is the best we hope for or we get a port of a modded version with better character models? Akin to the new Resident Evil HD port.

    Still happy birthday Playstation. Keep being awesome.

  4. Even with a couple of technical “freezes” during the gameplay of Dying Light, the one-on-one interview with the chappie from Techland was excellent. The game consistently showed how Techland has moved on from the publisher (Deep Silver) and has been able to pour its collective heart into something that looks truly excellent.

    Some of the separate stage interviews (about VR/Morpheus) were very interesting too. Top weekend except not hearing a damn thing about if/when the 20th Anniversary Edition of the PS4 might hit European shores.

  5. Guys, I may have missed it, but was anything said about the new ‘The Last Of Us’ DLC they were suppose to announce?

  6. What was not mentioned here was ‘Forest’, which I hadn’t heard of before, but which looked very promising to me.

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