David Jaffe Announces Arena Shooter Drawn To Death For PS4

David Jaffe has closed out the PlayStation Experience by announcing Drawn To Death, a new arena shooter coming to the PS4 and it looks like the crazy. Basically all the arenas are drawn by a teenage kid in his binder, so the game itself looks like sheets of paper with doodles but in 3D, and sometimes this person can enter the game as a giant hand to help players.


There’s a variety of characters that each have their own special skills and abilities, and Jaffe said that the development team isn’t going to announce what they all are. This will allow players to discover different combos long after launch. One character is called Dangerous Dan who is an ex pro dodge ball player, and he happens to only have the upper half of his body remaining. The weapons are equally insane, for example a flame-thrower which is actually a dragon fed with petrol.

Drawn To Death is still in the pre-alpha mode so don’t expect the game out anytime soon. You can also grab an exclusive in game skin from Drawn To Death’s official site, though it will only be available until the end of PlayStation Experience.

Source: PlayStation Experience



  1. Way to end a show.

  2. i love the way you can see the underside of the pages when the camera looked up.
    nice touch.

  3. Reminds me of MadWorld.

  4. Looks kinda cool, I think it’s style looks better suited to the Vita though.

  5. “multiplayer chaos from a high school kids notebook”

    “May contain content inappropriate for children”

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