Go Back In Time And Into Space With ‘Before’ and ‘Adrift’

The video game awards show put on last night by Geoff Keighley proved to be ripe with indie trailers, and although not all of them were particularly fantastic, a couple of them stood out.

Before is a survival game set in per-historic times that has you take control of a caveman. The art looks to be the high point in this game as the world is absolutely beautiful. We don’t get much info from the trailer but we do know that it’s set for 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux.


If going back into time isn’t your thing, you can take a trip into space with Adrift, which sees you floating helplessly in a space ship that has seen better days. As with Before, you can’t really take much from the trailer for Adrift other than the style of the game, but it’s just enough to wet your whistle.


Source: YouTube, YouTube



  1. Adrift kinda feels like ‘Gravity’ the game. Which is no bad thing. The mechanics of floating about in space,managing you momentum and thruster pack fuel could be really interesting!

    Before reminds me of Black & White 1 in its art style.

  2. Adrift piqued my interest, especially when you went out into space. Oculus rift support is listed, so maybe Morpheus could be supported too? Seems a great fit for VR.

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