Super Stardust Ultra Announced For PS4 Soon As Resogun Hits PS3 & Vita Later This Month

HD re-releases are big business, if the rate at which they’re hitting the PS4 and Xbox One are anything to go by, but we don’t usually see games making the jump in the other direction. Resogun dares to be different, with Climax Studios and Sony XDev working together to bring Housemarque’s latest to both PS3 and PS Vita – the latter of which was already confirmed.

The biggest difference is that rather than running at the silky smooth 60fps of the PS4, both platforms will only be able to manage 30fps. This is in addition to dropping resolutions to 720p on PS3 and the Vita’s 960×544 – if the screenshot sizes on the EU PS Blog announcement are anything to go by.


Always a nice inclusion, there’s cross-buy and cross-save in action across all three platforms, so you can save the last humans wherever you go. Resogun will hit PS3 and PS Vita on December 17th in Europe and the 23rd in the US.

On top of this, Housemarque’s classic shoot ’em up series is also getting a new release, with Super Stardust Ultra making its way to the PlayStation 4. It’s set to feature new planets, a smattering of visual enhancements and new game mode, one of which will feature interactive streaming over Twitch.

There’s no release date for SSDU, just a promise of more news about it soon. Just as with Resogun, this is also being developed outside of Housemarque, coming instead from Cheshire-based d3t Ltd.

Source: EU PS Blog (1) (2)



  1. SSDU was my favourite shooter on PS3 (and Vita) so glad it’s making the jump to the PS4. Also looking forward to Resogun on Vita, it’ll be interesting to see the differences to the PS4’s remote play.

  2. Hell yeah. Super Stardust is awesome. Got my first trophy on that game, as I’m sure many of us did

  3. We’re starting to get spoilt! Loving it!!

  4. Cool, I love Resongun But I`m better at SSD. I defo get this for PS4

  5. OMG Resogun on a PS3 !!! I will finally be able to see if it is as great as Colin Moriarty keeps saying !

    • It really is, you watch Podcast Beyond? So excited for TheGameAwards and Playstation Experience within the next 24 hours :O !!

      • Yes, I watch it every now and then :). I love Greg and Colin, their approach and the type of games they play ;)

  6. I’m not overly keen on the idea of a game taking a generational leap backwards but i won’t complain about the cross-buy goodness.
    And SSD is a game i’ve dipped into many many times over the years so i’m looking forward to the ‘remaster’.

  7. Ill take super stardust for ps4 in a second.

    Not sure how half framerate Resogun will, umm, work? Half the temporal resolution and about half the spatial resolution with the drop to 720p. ~4x less information for your brain. It’s gonna be hard.

  8. Superstardust on PS4 should be an absolute belter. Loved the game on Amiga, PS3 and Vita.
    Would have liked to have platinumed the PS3 SSHD version, but the difficulty level was way beyond my basic mind over muscle memory for the final one or two trophies.

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