Climax Studios Confirms It Is Bringing Resogun To Vita

Last week initial confirmation was pretty much confirmed in a comment on a PS Blog post that Resogun was coming to Vita, but both Sony and Housemarque kept quiet about the issue over the weekend. Now though Portsmouth based  Climax Studios has confirmed that it is bringing the PS4 title to the handheld in a tweet this afternoon.


That’s all the information we have at the moment, and we’ll have to wait for Sony XDev to give us the facts like when we can expect it to release, though I have asked Climax to see if they’ll give a general window. There’s no indication as of yet whether Resogun will support cross-buy or cross-save at the minute.

Source: Twitter



  1. Great news, I’m interested to know what the differences will be from the PS4 version.

  2. The most important thing really for me will be how playable it is on Vita. if it’s as enjoyable as the PS4 version i’m in, regardless of cross-buy.

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